WTF?! Up Another Almost Pound

bodyiageWell I’m definitely bloating up over something because that little Wii Fit board dude says I am up another 0.9 pound again today.

It sounds like he’s saying Ow! when he weighs me, like the continuous gain is physically hurting him. Perhaps it is … maybe I am getting too damn obese to stand on the thing.

On the first day I set what I thought was a very reasonable and realistic short-term goal of losing three pounds in two weeks … and now I need to lose six in order to hit goal in less than two weeks! SIX! For the love of God! My goal has doubled in a few days, I shudder to think where we’ll be at next week.

So I guess this is what happens to my body in the lead up to menstruation. Is it any wonder that I feel 10 pounds lighter when it’s finished? I am probably actually 10 pounds lighter! Ugh!

All in all it’s not very motivating. Feeling sore, cranky, tired, achy, unable to get outside, being told I gain weight every day … kinda demoralizing. But this too shall pass … right? Light at the end of the tunnel and all that?

Today I pinned a couple of new Vegan recipes on Pinterest. I have been looking for a copy cat recipe for Amy’s Veggie Meat Loaf. I love that stuff! And I found a Vegan gravy mix in a package on when I was doing the Christmas shopping blitz that I have now in my cupboard. It got good reviews and I can’t wait to make some mashed potatoes with gravy and a veg meatless loaf. Now there’s some comfort food for a cold day when you feel achy and you know you’re gaining weight every passing second regardless of whether or not you eat.

Yup … might have to make some of that and stuff my face today.

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