Just Another Snowy Monday

The view from here today
The view from here today

I had a bit of a lazy weekend. I just didn’t feel good, very achy and stiff, stomach cramps, and headache. I just wanted my warm fuzzy blanket and comfort food.

So Saturday I made some mashed potatoes, hamburger and onions with gravy, and canned peas and carrots. For the burger I sauteed some onions in coconut oil and then added the burger. I used an Yves veggie ground round Italian style package that was just past it’s best before date and needed to be eaten or tossed. I creamed the mashed potatoes with vegan Becel margarine and vanilla flavoured almond milk. I tried a new product for the first time, Simply Organic Vegetarian Brown Gravy Mix. Super easy to whip up of course and kinda yummy. Reminded me of the mushroom gravy I used to buy all the time in the States. After I made the gravy I mixed it with the burger. The end result was kind of like a de-constructed Shepherd’s Pie. It was lovely comfort food! Although not so fabulous for my ever expanding waistline. 

I spent a lot of time lazing on the couch with my blanket and watching Netflix. I’ve been watching Friends from the beginning. I am up to Season 5 and so far I haven’t come across any episode I hadn’t seen before, even though I didn’t think I was much of a Friends follower when it originally aired. I guess it’s been in syndication long enough that I’ve seen everything at least once. Nevertheless it’s fun and relaxing and there are so many parts where I still laugh out loud, it’s become my “go to” comfort show to put on when I just don’t want to think any more.

This weekend I also watched a movie, The Raven with John Cusack. I don’t seem like I watch very many films on Netflix, I prefer series, but every now and then I will watch one that I’ve bookmarked on my list or that catches my eye as I’m looking around. I watched it kind of late, while in bed and I dozed a bit here and there through the middle, but I still thought it was pretty good. It wasn’t that the movie was boring or bad I don’t think, it was just late and I was really tired. By the end I was wide awake and paying full attention. I think if you have a passing interest in Edgar Allen Poe, you like John Cusack, and you haven’t seen it, it’s worth watching for sure.

Yesterday I did manage to get myself to my desk finally and I started using a new planner that I downloaded and planned my work week. This took several hours, since I have been so disorganized recently and I do have quite a few different areas of responsibility. But I think it turned out pretty well in the end. I feel like if I do the things I have set out for the week I will have an awesome work week. I had less time to add in more personal tasks, but I did get a few in there, so it’s a start anyway. I’ll give this planning program a week to see if I like it at least. So far it seems okay.

On the weekend I also received a message from one of my writer/ creative friends that made me quite excited. She has booked a room at the library for regular creative gatherings and workshops starting in February! This is so what I need to get that part of my brain working again! Yay!

So it’s a snowy Monday, 12 days into the New Year, and I am feeling pretty optimistic and positive that I am going to accomplish some things I’ve really wanted to for a very long time. That feels good! 🙂

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