Time Management Tuesday

jimtimeI had a really good day yesterday. The new day planning software is a little buggy in that recurring tasks don’t leave the list when you’ve completed them and crossed them off, which is annoying. But other than that I kind of like the feel of the program and the way it’s laid out. I may just turn off the recurring thing and write a note to myself in the notes part to just change the date manually when the task is done for that day. Or next week I might try the other program I have and see if it’s better.

The good part of the day though was that I actually did things, and while it felt a bit chaotic in that I slept late and didn’t seem to have enough time to do everything I thought I could and I felt a bit like I was being led around by this list and reminders going off telling me to do this or do that, it also felt almost balanced — I did some work on each of my key areas of responsibility, I blogged personally, I did laundry, I cooked, I cleaned up the kitchen after, I watched my Monday night TV programs, I read a chapter in a book, I spoke at length on the phone with my boyfriend, I was in bed by midnight — the only thing really missing was the activity, the steps, the walk, and I could have got that in there I am sure and still done everything else (and perhaps more because I would have been energized by the exercise) but the weather didn’t cooperate. It snowed and the roads/ sidewalks were treacherous with a light layer of fluffy snow over ice.

Still, I had a really good day, a much more productive and organized day than I have had in a long while. I know it mightn’t seem like much, but I am a woman who spent the better part of last year hiding in a bedroom at her parents’ house too depressed to get out of bed, so trust me this is huge progress!

Today I am going into the office. We are going to watch Jim Rohn’s session on Time Management. I love Jim Rohn! And I can’t recall if I have seen the video before or not, if so it was a very long time ago. I can certainly use a little help in the time management area, so I am looking forward to the session. Perhaps it will include this clip below.

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