These are a Few of my Favourite Things

My newest obsession, Celebrity Big Brother.
My newest obsession, Celebrity Big Brother.

A few months back I discovered Filmon, a website and app in the Windows store where you can watch free, legal, live TV from the UK. You can even record up to 10 hours of free programming. You can buy extra DVR hours and purchase HD subscriptions, but there’s a lot of free stuff. Over 600 live tv channels from around the world that you can watch in SD for FREE!

I’m a big fan of UK television. I love Doctor Who, Downton Abbey, Coronation Street, Sherlock, Midsomer Murders, Mr. Selfridge, Broadchurch, Call the Midwife, The Fall, Happy Valley, Wallander, The Bletchley Circle, Peaky Blinders … and the list goes on. So the idea of being able to watch these shows live as they air in the UK and not a few years later when they air here or get to Netflix was amazing! Sign me up!

I’ve started watching Home & Away again, the Aussie soap that aired for a few months eons ago in Canada on Global but then got dropped. I really liked it back then, and it didn’t take much to pull me back in. And because they’re in the same hour I’ve even started watching Neighbours, another Aussie soap. Is it the accents? The weather? I don’t know, but I tape them every morning and watch them later. They’re on Britain’s Channel 5 and I found them when I went looking for Celebrity Big Brother.

It seemed like I kept seeing news of shocking things happening in the Celebrity Big Brother house so I sought it out. I didn’t really know of any of the celebs except for Perez Hilton, Callum Best and then later Katie Price (Jordan). The show airs every day and now I’m completely obsessed. So I tape it at 5 pm when it’s on live and watch it immediately after at 6 pm while I eat supper. It is an experience. Tonight is live eviction night and almost 3 hours of CBB programming. I am looking forward to settling in and feeding my addiction.

The most unexpected find during this UK TV experience has been the commercials. I don’t usually see the advertisements. At my parents we always fast forwarded through them and now I watch everything online usually commercial free. But I don’t fast forward through these ones usually. I use that time to get up and grab a snack, or check my phone, or I just watch them because they are damn entertaining and they make me laugh.

So if you need a good laugh, here are my top 3 ads off the top of my head:

1.  Al & Dee, the Aldi koalas, they crack me up!

2.  Dave’s Epic Strut featuring Sharon Osbourne. I think this one has gone viral recently. You might have already seen it, but it just makes me smile and sometimes I strut too.

3.  And finally Bacon hates waitin’. I don’t know why I love this one. I just do. Soft spot for Kevin Bacon.

I’m probably forgetting about a half dozen other really funny ones I like, but there you go. What do you think?

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