Up Home Tonight!

This was a show from my teen years. The family loved it, watched it all together in the living room, my little sisters dancing. Me, not so much! It wasn’t my type of music back then. And on television it wouldn’t be my cup of tea today either. But a live performance would be different. I appreciate some live fiddling and a good kitchen party when I’m actually in it.  Continue reading “Up Home Tonight!”

Coffee State of Mind

coffeepodskeurigThis morning I feel about 50% better than I did yesterday. I actually got out of bed when I woke up at 7:30 am on my own, no alarm. All week I have been lying in bed until 10, 11, or even 12 before I would try to get around. And the getting around consisted of doing the bare minimum for work, then on to the couch for another lie down.

But this morning I have laundry on the go, an open suitcase ready to pack, a sink full of dishes ready to wash, and a detailed list in my day planner of things I must do today. I’m already on my second cup of coffee. And it is splendid! These PC pods are my usual brand. I started buying them initially because they were cheaper than any others, but now they cost just as much as anything else unless they go on sale. I prefer the Sumatran, which is a darker roast. The boyfriend prefers the Columbian, which is a very light roast. So we both can get along with the Costa Rican, which is somewhere in the middle. These pods also don’t use the plastic cups, which makes me feel a bit better environmentally. The reason I do the Keurig thing is so that I won’t drink as much coffee. I used to brew a pot and drink a pot … 12 cups … not good. With the Keurig I will only have one or two cups and they are smaller cups than what I would pour myself out of a pot.  Continue reading “Coffee State of Mind”

Rocking the Vicks Vapo-Rub

This week is Frye Festival in Moncton. The line-up is really good this year and I had hoped I would find the money to go when the time came, but that didn’t happen. And especially where I’m going to do the WFNB’s WordSpring this year, I certainly couldn’t afford both. But now I am glad I didn’t plan for Frye because it is Wednesday and I am still sick.

The sore throat is really bad. I did go for my walk with my sister yesterday afternoon and that seemed to loosen up some of the stuffiness in my nose, and I felt a little bit better after. But by bed time I was plugged again, and my chest hurt, and my throat was so raw, and I had a dry hacking cough and could just barely speak out loud. My boyfriend was packing to go west this morning and couldn’t hear me on the phone.  Continue reading “Rocking the Vicks Vapo-Rub”

Unwell Happens Sometimes

Yesterday I tried to continue on as if I didn’t feel unwell. I took my new energy product, ate a meal replacement bar, worked on my computer, went for a walk with my sister, had a nice dinner, spoke to my boyfriend at length on the phone … but I felt like crap. I could barely speak, my throat was so sore. I had chills and felt drained. I was in my bed fast asleep by 11:30 pm, which is a very rare occurrence here. And awake again just after 1 am because I was so stuffed up I couldn’t breathe. I put on one of those Breathe Right nose strips that I received in a sample pack. It helped. I slept pretty well (although nowadays I am always rolling around and waking up, so that’s just normal) until 5:30 am. I was wide awake then but too damn cold to get up. So I slept some more until 8:30 and then lingered for another hour.

My throat is sore. I have pain around my eyes, the chills, and my whole body feels sore. I won’t bother wasting energy drinks and meal replacement bars on a day like this. Today I will just push through. Take some vitamin C. Do the best I can. Hope tomorrow is better.

Mellow Monday

maccheeseI have awoken with a raging sore throat and a vague recollection of dreams happening in Dallas, Texas. I have never been there in real life, not sure why or even how I would recognize Dallas in my dreams.

My boyfriend has left to begin the running around preparations in order for him to be able to fly west on Wednesday. I likely won’t see him again before he goes. So I am a bit melancholic this morning. It will be okay once he gets there and we settle into our routine. He likely won’t be gone long because it is just a shut-down. The only reason he is going is because it’s an opportunity to get his feet in the door with a new company other than the one he usually works with. Can’t have too many contacts. Continue reading “Mellow Monday”

Oh Goodie! A Night on the Town

lionsaultLast night we went to the Goodie Shop to see a local band named Lionsault and a band from Moncton called FM Berlin. I had been wanting to see Lionsault for a long time since watching their music videos online, and I knew I would enjoy FM Berlin because I looked up their music as well. Two very different style of bands, but both very good in my opinion. My boyfriend preferred the local band, Lionsault, because they had a more traditional hard rock edge and a girl singer with a killer voice. FM Berlin’s sound is more indie pop, a bit reminiscent of The Tragically Hip. I really enjoyed them a lot. Over all two really impressive groups!  Continue reading “Oh Goodie! A Night on the Town”

Chick Sparking


Next week my sister and I have a plan to get back on track. We’re going to start walking after work and return to SparkPeople to start tracking our eating and exercise. Just in time for this lifestyle challenge, I received my first package from the Product Review Club at ChickAdvisor. And look what it is! That is five meal replacement bars and 20 energy capsules. This could be a nice boost to my first week. Things I normally would never purchase for myself in a million years, but now I get to try them out for free. And maybe if I like them, I will become a customer. All I have to do is review them on the website within two weeks. I am excited to do that! Continue reading “Chick Sparking”