Hi Ho! Hi Ho! It’s Off to Work …

workWell we got the call. That call we need but dread all at the same time. My boyfriend is going back out west next week to go to work again. I wish he didn’t have to do this, I wish he could find something around here. But there’s really not much around here for someone with his skill set. And jobs around here don’t pay as much as the ones out there do.

So the call is a blessing because it means money and some stability, even if it is fleeting. And the call is a curse because it means he will be gone away from his kids, his home, and me. This job isn’t supposed to last all that long though. He should be back in time for his son’s birthday and mine in June.

In the meantime my days with him start this evening. We have an eight day schedule with his ex-wife. She works in shifts, four on, four off. When she’s off she has their son and when she works my boyfriend has him. When they both work, he goes to a babysitters after school. So my boyfriend has his son five nights a week and then he comes to my place for the three nights his ex-wife is off work. It’s a schedule that works for us for now. Maybe some day we’ll look at changing things up, but for now we are both pretty happy with this.

So this is one of those rare weekends that we get to spend together, and it’s also his last weekend before he flies away for six to eight weeks. I took out a little roast of pork yesterday and put it in the roaster in the fridge to thaw. I want to do a roast tonight for dinner with mashed potatoes, turnips, some gravy. I want him to have a nice home cooked meal before the nightmare of many airports and taxis and all that. He is going into a camp when he gets there so hopefully they will have good cooks and I’m sure he’ll be well fed. The first time he went out west he was gone for half the year and gained tons of weight from all the food in the camp. This wasn’t a bad thing. He can stand to gain a few pounds. Of course it slips right off him again as soon as he comes home and has to cook for himself.

So tonight I want to have a nice dinner. Tomorrow night I think we are going to go out to see some live music. Sunday night we’ll watch Big Brother Canada and Fear the Walking Dead. Monday morning he will go back to his house and start packing and getting ready to leave. If I’m lucky I will see him once more before he goes. If I’m unlucky he will fly out on Wednesday morning and I won’t see him until … we don’t really know … June sometime maybe.

This is the reality that so many people have been living for years, long before we were. People have gone west to work and just never come back, abandoning their families. Others have gone and come back to find their spouses have taken up with someone else. It can be hard to hold it together, and I’m just the girlfriend, we haven’t made any moves toward formalizing our relationship. We don’t live together. We don’t share expenses. And maybe that’s better for us. Maybe that’s how we continue to make it work.

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