Oh Goodie! A Night on the Town

lionsaultLast night we went to the Goodie Shop to see a local band named Lionsault and a band from Moncton called FM Berlin. I had been wanting to see Lionsault for a long time since watching their music videos online, and I knew I would enjoy FM Berlin because I looked up their music as well. Two very different style of bands, but both very good in my opinion. My boyfriend preferred the local band, Lionsault, because they had a more traditional hard rock edge and a girl singer with a killer voice. FM Berlin’s sound is more indie pop, a bit reminiscent of The Tragically Hip. I really enjoyed them a lot. Over all two really impressive groups! 

The venue was also a bit better this time, much better lighting, and an improved sound, perhaps because we sat further back than last time or maybe it was just a better set-up. I suppose they will learn more with every gig. There’s another show next weekend that I would love to attend but my boyfriend will be gone out west and I’m going up home to spend the weekend with my parents. So, I will miss out on that one.

I love that the tide has turned and people are supporting live gigs again in Miramichi. When I was growing up I used to go see live bands all the time. Before I was old enough to even be going to the clubs I would be there dancing up a storm to the live music. Bands like Minglewood and April Wine were here all the time. And there were always country bands passing through clubs like the Urban Corral. I saw Ronnie Prophet twice there, which was one of the first times I saw someone perform live who I had also watched on tv. There was lots of live music when I was a teenager and into my 20’s, but then came the age of the deejay and live music seemed to dry up. Dance music came into vogue. All the country music clubs closed. There were still local bands of course, but they just did covers, nobody was performing their own music. It was kind of sad. Guitar rock seemed to be dead, not just here, but all around the world, as pop, dance music and rap shot to the top of the charts.

So I am so excited to see local musicians writing and performing their own music, and releasing their own albums. And guitar solos are back baby! Just in time for my nieces and nephew to get out and see some live concerts themselves. Thank you Sweet Baby Jesus!

Mind you, I am no longer in my 20’s any more. Last night it would have been all too easy at 9:30 pm to say, “Nah, it’s late, I’m tired, let’s just skip this one.” Because I have been a busy bee this past week and I was tired. And we went shopping for my grocery stock-up and I was on my feet a lot. And I had two glasses of wine, which makes me sleepy rather than an energetic drunk. It’s hard to stay up to see a show that doesn’t start until after 10 pm. And it’s harder still to stick around for the main act that won’t take the stage until going on midnight. Well, it’s hard when you are out of shape and tired all the time like I am (which hopefully will improve soon as I get back on track with diet and exercise). But we did go and we stayed until almost midnight, we heard a couple of songs from FM Berlin, enough to get a sense of their awesomeness. And then, like the old fogies that we have turned into, we drove around with the Lionsault CD blasting on the stereo until we found some place still open where we could get a burger and fries. Then we went home, curled up on the couch and fell asleep watching Hell’s Kitchen.

At least we made an appearance and showed our support.

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