Mellow Monday

maccheeseI have awoken with a raging sore throat and a vague recollection of dreams happening in Dallas, Texas. I have never been there in real life, not sure why or even how I would recognize Dallas in my dreams.

My boyfriend has left to begin the running around preparations in order for him to be able to fly west on Wednesday. I likely won’t see him again before he goes. So I am a bit melancholic this morning. It will be okay once he gets there and we settle into our routine. He likely won’t be gone long because it is just a shut-down. The only reason he is going is because it’s an opportunity to get his feet in the door with a new company other than the one he usually works with. Can’t have too many contacts.

I am trying out my free products this morning. The meal replacement bar was pretty good and very filling … but that energy drink … BLECH!! Tastes and smells like crap! Tomorrow morning I will not dilute it as much so I have less liquid to pound back. Still, if it gives me energy, perhaps it will be worth it.

Last night I roasted a chicken for supper and I made Mac & Cheese from scratch. It was the first time I ever made a real homemade Mac & Cheese. In the past I have done vegan versions, which were okay at the time. But Oh my God! Was this recipe ever good! It was a bit labour intensive. A lot of whisking. And I made a couple of mistakes like forgetting the parm cheese in the sauce and losing a bunch of my macaroni in the sink when I was straining. But overall I would say it was quite the successful venture. The boyfriend didn’t seem to enjoy it very much though. I guess he’s not a Mac & Cheese person. So now I have all these leftovers to eat on my own … and this is the week I’m supposed to be getting my diet back on track.

Oh well. First the leftovers, then back on track. Because damn! Those leftovers are too good not to eat!

I didn’t do so well with my steps on the weekend. Apparently the boyfriend and I lay around a lot watching tv and sleeping. Even a big day of shopping didn’t help get many steps in. Which made me wonder if the tracker measures differently depending on where I wear it. At home it is usually on the waistband of my stretchy pants. When I go out I put it on my bra. At home I seem to easily accumulate all these steps without even realizing I’m doing it. When I go out and walk around the stores, it feels like I should be getting way more steps than I end up accumulating. I will check on the computer when I get home and be surprised, thinking I should have another 500 or so more steps. So maybe I need to start wearing the thing in the same way regardless of where I am.

Jeeze! I think the energy thing is kicking in. Suddenly I feel wide awake. My throat is no longer sore. And I want to get up and run around and do things. Off I go!

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