Unwell Happens Sometimes

Yesterday I tried to continue on as if I didn’t feel unwell. I took my new energy product, ate a meal replacement bar, worked on my computer, went for a walk with my sister, had a nice dinner, spoke to my boyfriend at length on the phone … but I felt like crap. I could barely speak, my throat was so sore. I had chills and felt drained. I was in my bed fast asleep by 11:30 pm, which is a very rare occurrence here. And awake again just after 1 am because I was so stuffed up I couldn’t breathe. I put on one of those Breathe Right nose strips that I received in a sample pack. It helped. I slept pretty well (although nowadays I am always rolling around and waking up, so that’s just normal) until 5:30 am. I was wide awake then but too damn cold to get up. So I slept some more until 8:30 and then lingered for another hour.

My throat is sore. I have pain around my eyes, the chills, and my whole body feels sore. I won’t bother wasting energy drinks and meal replacement bars on a day like this. Today I will just push through. Take some vitamin C. Do the best I can. Hope tomorrow is better.

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