Up Home Tonight!

This was a show from my teen years. The family loved it, watched it all together in the living room, my little sisters dancing. Me, not so much! It wasn’t my type of music back then. And on television it wouldn’t be my cup of tea today either. But a live performance would be different. I appreciate some live fiddling and a good kitchen party when I’m actually in it. 

Yesterday was a pretty busy day. I woke at 7:30 am and actually got up because I knew I had a lot on my plate. There was one story that I had forgotten to piece together for the magazine. And it was the kind that makes your face hurt, so I knew it would take a little bit. I had laundry to do and dirty dishes piled up from days of being too sick to really do much. I had a little shopping list to make and a to do list to write, so I wouldn’t forget anything. I had a suitcase to pack that included special occasion clothing for the weekend, which I hadn’t decided upon yet (and still haven’t) so it kind of meant I needed to pack everything. It’s not often I travel with many pairs of shoes and boots, just in case. I had my regular daily work to complete, and I would need to squeeze in a shower, and I wanted to make sure to blog a bit, because even though it mightn’t seem like I’m saying very much, the physical act of just recollecting what happened and pounding it out on the keyboard helps me to build more creative energy. I don’t want to stop blogging again. I want to get back to my prolific former self who had creative energy galore and could whip something up in no time.

So I had a full plate yesterday and a limited time to get things done because I had to be ready to rock and roll for 3:30 pm sharp. As it turned out I didn’t get everything done that I wanted, but I completed most of my list and all the important bits that I need to do, and I caught that 3:30 ride. Whew!

It is going to be a bit of a busy weekend though. The internet is not as great here as it is at my place, which slows work down and plays on my patience. I have a bit of a schedule going on, things to do, places to be. So, I’m kind of still in rush rush mode. Until tomorrow then!

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