Reboot Day Two

juicerI am not going to lie, yesterday was very hard. I drank three glasses of juice, which was one more than the day before, still not the four that were in the plan from the book. I didn’t make any fresh juice at all, I had three glasses in the fridge from Day One. And this was a good thing because I don’t think I could have done it. I didn’t have the strength or energy. And the thought of drinking a juice made me gag. I dreaded it all day. Each time it was time to drink I just remembered what Joe said, if I had to plug my nose and gulp it down like medicine, just get it into you … so I did.

I found it difficult to concentrate. I had memory lapses throughout the day. I was so tired I didn’t accomplish very much. I was hyper emotional and suffered a huge ugly cry when one of the characters on my favourite tv show was killed off (normally I might shed a few silent tears, or just get a lump in my throat). I urinated a lot but to my surprise defecated like normal. At one point I could barely hold my end of the telephone conversation with a colleague. During the late afternoon/ early evening a terrible headache came on and stayed until I finally fell asleep. I napped a few times throughout the day and went to bed pretty early. I woke up every few hours to pee. Continue reading “Reboot Day Two”

Reboot Day One

rebootYesterday I started my juicing reboot. It was a lot harder than I imagined. Not eating solid food wasn’t hard at all for me. I can easily fast for a day or two. And the truth is I really don’t eat all that much. Left to my natural inclinations I start the day with lots of black coffee and look for food sometime in the mid to late afternoon, when I will have a big meal, and then many times nothing else, sometimes a smaller meal later in the evening around 9 pm. It is an unhealthy natural setting and one that easily creates obesity. I need to always be conscious and practice to maintain the habit of eating breakfast and at least two other meals in a day. So yeah, the not having food thing, not an issue.

My issue was that I couldn’t consume all the fluids I was supposed to in the run of the day. The schedule is a cup of hot water infused with fresh ginger and lemon before breakfast, make juice for breakfast which will be two servings so save one for later, have 500 ml of coconut water, make juice for lunch which will be two servings so save one for later, have your second half of breakfast juice for snack, have second half of lunch juice for dinner, make a juice for dessert, have an herbal tea, and go to bed … and somewhere in there you squeeze in four glasses of water. Yesterday I made juice twice and drank juice twice and today have three huge glasses of juice in the fridge left over. Continue reading “Reboot Day One”

Fed Up with this Sugar Coated Life

fedupsugarcoatedWell July whizzed past in a humid haze of gluttony and sloth. I went on a little trip. I got my financial situation that has haunted me for over a dozen years back under my own control. I cut off all my hair (not myself this time, I went to the salon). I have been eating out too much, drinking too much, sleeping too little, working too much, cleaning too little, and generally just going with the flow. It has been hot. But worse, it has been humid. Weeks and weeks of sweat drenching mind numbing days with very few reprieves. But yesterday was lovely. I have some hope for today. And today is the first day of my Juicing Reboot! Finally! Continue reading “Fed Up with this Sugar Coated Life”