Day 1: Ask, Believe, Receive

I am doing it! Yesterday I planned my week through Thursday and this morning I am checking things off the list. I woke at 5 am right on schedule, took my vitamins, enjoyed a healthy breakfast of banana steel cut oats with a frozen power fruit blend of cherries, blackberries and blueberries, listened to Abraham and now I’m doing a timed blog post. I feel good. I am in the vortex!

I am so excited about this day and this week! I could have planned through Friday yesterday but my niece’s graduation party is happening this weekend and I’m not sure yet if I will be going up on Friday to help with the decorating or whether I will just go up on Saturday. I’m leaning toward going up for the whole weekend and spending time with my family. That means I would have to have all my food prepared for the party by Friday so I can take it with me. It also means I would have to have all my work finished up early. It will mean doing a bit of a different type of schedule for Friday depending on how and what time I leave to go up to my parents house.

Yesterday in preparation for this week I also did some batch cooking. I baked a tray of potatoes, cooked some rice and a huge pile of oatmeal. I also opened and rinsed very well a can of black beans and a can of chickpeas. My boyfriend arrives today to stay with me for three nights. So I wanted to make sure I had lots of food prepped so he can just help himself whenever he’s hungry or I can easily and quickly whip us up a fabulous meal.

One of my Atlanta Real Housewives that I follow on Snapchat got a tattoo the other day for her birthday, she also showed off an older tattoo that she has right under the curve of her breast. It says “Ask, Believe, Receive”. That is the Law of Attraction. I hadn’t realised she was so enlightened. I might have known, but I definitely forgot. It is good to be reminded of these things, that many successful people follow this principle. That if they can do it, I can too.

I was talking to my mom the other day and I told her that when I was a kid I really believed I had a superpower, that I could manifest anything I wanted. I just knew it really deep inside. As I grew up and faced challenges and went through teenage angst, I lost my superpower. Or I should say I lost touch with it, but it is still there. I have moments when we reconnect. I am going to practice trying to reconnect. I think I will use my morning blog time to write an Abraham inspired rampage a few times a week. I feel like that will help me make the connection.

But for today, I am out of time! And I’m off to complete all the tasks on my list!

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