Day 2: I'm an Excellent Driver

Yesterday was one of the best days of my life. I slept only 4.5 hours but got out of bed at 5 am and hit the ground running. I accomplished every single task on my list. I had so much time to do everything I wanted and even more. It was the most amazing thing! I inspired myself and I even inspired some others. I used my timer to keep me focused and I just took charge. Yesterday’s weather was overcast, drizzly, and cold. Normally, my mood and energy would reflect the weather but not yesterday. I went through my day with a pep in my step and a song in my heart (if not bursting right out loud! Yes, I could be heard singing Marky Mark’s Good Vibration). I never doubted that I could stick to the schedule and get everything done for one day. I can do anything for one day.

But that was yesterday.

This morning on just under 5 hours sleep, getting my feet to the cold floor and from the warm comfort of my bed took some effort and willpower, but I did it! And the morning is so gorgeous I had to take a photo. I love these calm mornings when the river is like a sheet of glass, a mirror reflecting the sky. I feel great! I’m excited about what this day holds for me!

Listening to Abraham this morning they were talking about driving. About how you can’t call yourself a good driver until you’ve had an accident. That you need to scrape along the sides of the garage from time to time and knock off a mirror so you learn from it and become an even better driver. If nothing ever happens, you can’t say that you are a good driver because you don’t know how you would react if something did happen.

It’s a metaphor for life, of course, and I’m an excellent driver. I really feel that. No matter how many times I run off the road, hit a stop sign, take the wrong exit, scrape the mirrors off the side of the car, I always get back behind the wheel with more experience and continue the journey. It is good to be reminded of this. A couple of weeks ago, I was down in the dumps, buried in a paralysing depression and today I am productive and happy and smiling and singing and loving every moment of this day. It’s because I’m an excellent driver that this is so.

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