Change is in the Air

Where has the time gone? It’s hard to believe it’s been so long since I’ve blogged here. There’s been a lot going on and I’ve been keeping super busy. I’ve got a lot of balls in the air and a lot of things that I’m really super excited about. I’m going to have a pretty big announcement quite soon, but I’m not ready to reveal it just yet. (Squeee! So excited!)

Other than my big mystery announcement, I have taken some time to give the site a fresh new look that I hope you will enjoy. Looking back I can see that I got quite obsessed with blogging about my lifestyle changes and nutritional challenges. I’m still a little obsessed, but moving forward I’d really like to bring my site back to what it was originally intended, a place where I can share my creativity, try new forms of writing, challenge myself to create new works of fiction, and really just focus on life as a creative human being … my life as a writer.

If you look way back in the archives you will see that at one time I was quite prolific. I would see a story in every thing and everything in a story. Sometimes I would write three or four posts a day and come up with some really great ideas, some interesting characters. And it wasn’t like work, it was fun! It was joy! It was magical!

And it all happened while …

I was regularly reading new books,

I was heavily involved in various groups and organisations,

I worked at a full-time job,

I exercised and cooked good food and lost weight,

I spent quality time with many friends,

I enjoyed daily contact with my family and many weekend visits,

I went on trips and attended festivals and other special events,

I was a pop culture fanatic and watched a lot of television shows and films,

I found and listened to all the newest tracks from my favourite performers,

I discovered new singers and songwriters that I hadn’t known existed

… it all happened while I was living a very full, very happy, very balanced life. I am getting THAT back right now, TODAY!

Recently I’ve been getting back to the teachings that originally inspired and enabled me to get to that place about 10 years ago. I’m listening to Abraham every morning before my day begins and often falling asleep while listening some more. I have signed up for the FlyLady emails again and I’m shining my sink and getting things in order. I am learning to meditate and getting stepping by playing video games. I’m conscious of not only my daily activity (or lack thereof) but also my sleep habits and my heart rate by using my Fitbit. I have finally found the missing link and made the leap from vegetarian to vegan by following The Engine 2 Diet and then discovering the teachings of Dr. GregerDr. McDougall and Dr. Barnard.

So there is no better time than right now to get back to my creativity. It all starts … Now!

6 thoughts on “Change is in the Air

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  1. Yay….you go girl and I will follow in more ways than one…hehehe
    I hadn’t read your blogs for a while (maybe that is because there hadn’t been any for a bit) until your open letter to your niece just last evening I think it was.
    I am so glad to read this one and also would be really great to have contact again with you at some writer functions.
    Life catches up with us through the ups and downs and whatever gets thrown at us sometimes and to hear you reconnecting with your passions and the excitement of living life to the fullest, that is totally inspiring and exciting.


    1. Thanks Dianne! There hadn’t been any posts in awhile. I’m excited to reconnect with my passions again. Definitely would love to connect with you again at some writer functions too!

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    1. Oh that’s Awesome! I’m finding a few people locally who are doing the same. I definitely feel like I have a new enthusiasm for life as a result.


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