Why I Write

Sometimes when you’re in a creative rut it’s good to think about why you create in the first place and remind yourself why it means so much to you. The reality is that if you are a writer or an artist you probably aren’t driven to create because of the pay cheque. There likely isn’t any boss breathing down your neck to get this thing done. You have your own motivation. And thinking about that motivation can often create enough positive energy and enthusiasm to lift you out of the creative doldrums and back into production mode.

I write because it makes me feel good. It makes my heart race and gives me butterflies in my stomach when I’ve got a really good idea and I can’t wait to get it down in print. What a rush! It’s the best kind of natural high! It provides release and healing when I’m angry, sad, anxious, or overwhelmed. I can write my pain away and instantly feel a little bit better. The more I write it out of me, the better I will feel. Writing is my best medicine.

I write because it helps me learn new things. I can write down a jumble of thoughts that I just can’t get straight in my brain and make them crystal clear on the screen. Sometimes I will think one way when I start writing and have convinced myself of a new way by the end of the page. Writing helps me to sift through the dirt and find the golden nuggets. It’s not just about self-discovery but I can write from the point of view of a character who is the exact opposite of me and learn something new.

I write because it nourishes my soul. Writing feeds my spirit and makes me happy. I’m a better person when I’m writing daily. I’m in a better mood. I’m easier to be around. I’m more open and seeing the world through a different lens. I’m more connected to the universe and everything in it. It’s really a spiritual connection.

Do you create anything that makes you feel good? Do you do anything to nourish your soul?

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  1. It was always a ” dream” of mine to be a writer. That dream gets fulfilled to a certain point by writing book reviews. When I finish a well-written book, I can’t wait to start reviewing it because it has moved me in some way. Then, at that point, I feel like I’m truly writing. Curiously, my best thoughts come to me at night, just after I hit the pillow.


    1. I am in complete awe of how much reading and writing you do! If you write, you are a writer . . . or so I’ve been told by others far more wiser than me. My best thoughts come in the early morning now, though they used to come late at night. I think I’m evolving 🙂

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