And the Envelope Please . . .

It is time for my announcement! Though maybe you won’t think it’s as big as I made it out to be the other day, I am still very excited about it! I alluded to all of the recent changes in my life in that post which have allowed me to get back to my creativity on this blog. So now I’m excited to announce that along with the relaunch of this blog dedicated to my writing and creativity, I am also launching a brand new blog dedicated to my other passions in life …

Introducing Simply Fierce!

It’s all about my personal development as I reconnect to the Law of Attraction and journey toward a simple life, decluttering and getting organized, as well as better health and weight loss by following a whole food plant based low fat diet (vegan!), and using a Fitbit activity tracker to help me stay hydrated, get the proper amount of sleep, and improve my heart rate. There will be food pics and recipes, What I Eat in A Day posts, shopping excursions, weekly weigh ins, favourite product lists, inspiration, motivation, and a whole lot of tips! I have just started walking this new lifestyle path and I want to take readers with me so we can discover what works and what doesn’t together.

Who’s with me!?

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  1. I love your announcement enthusiasm Kellie! WTG and also YGG….don’t know if that is an official social media way of saying You Go Girl but Gidter Done is another way of saying it also in the Miramichi way of speaking. I may be wrong in how GD is spelled out but my way of hearin’ it is how I spell it. I looked it up in my little yellow Miramichi Dictionary but it wasn’t there under the G section but I did see another G expression there that would be appropriate…giverago.

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