Words on Water Pre-Irish Festival

Recently I accepted the position of Vice President at Words on Water, the Miramichi’s longest running performance art series featuring poetry, prose, spoken word and music. I’ve been informally involved with the group off and on for over a decade, but now it’s official. So that’s pretty exciting!

We’ve been hosting regular events a few times a year for the past few years, and our next event is coming right up on Tuesday, July 18th at the Rodd Miramichi River Hotel. It’s the week of the Irish Festival so we’re going to celebrate the Irish in words, music and song … jeeze, even dance if anyone is up for it!

The thing I’ve always loved about Words on Water is that it’s a very welcoming and inclusive atmosphere. It’s free to attend and if you want to participate in the Open Mic you can or if you just want to observe and enjoy that’s cool too. We laugh, our hearts are moved, we see old friends, and sometimes we make new ones. It’s good for the soul to get out and spend time in creative reflection like this!

So today I am looking through old blog posts and other writing for all things Irish, hoping I find some little gems to read and participate in the open mic (because you know, what are the odds that I will actually be able to come up with something brand spanking new by Tuesday?!) I actually found two possibilities that could work.

The first is a post I wrote in April 2004 while I was actually at the Rodd (same venue!) attending a WFNB AGM, it’s called Fiddler’s Moon. It is insane to me that it was 13 years ago! I remember that night so vividly. This piece is super short, so if there are a lot of readers I might just squeeze this in without taking up too much time. But on the other hand, if we don’t have very many readers I will definitely need something more substantial, and even if it’s just a normal night I really should have something more to offer up.

One year to help promote tourism (I want to say 2007) I was inspired by my boss to write a silly piece of fiction chronicling the adventures of Sammy the Salmon, who hit his head during a storm and developed amnesia just when he was supposed to start the trek upriver from the ocean to spawn. He meets all kinds of colourful Miramichi locals and visits a lot of festivals and attractions as he tries to figure out and remember who he is. It’s like a fun little chapter book, family friendly, promoting the region. It was a lot of fun to write. We published it and republished it a few times over the next couple of years and eventually it also was published online. Anyway, there is a section about the Irish culture and the Irish Festival as Sammy tries to figure out if he has Irish roots. A larger piece than the first one, and a completely different feel.

I think I will probably bring both to the event and then play it by ear what I do, but what do you think? Take a look and let me know in the comments below which one you think I should read.

Words on Water celebrates the Irish on Tuesday evening starting at 6:30 pm. Hope to see you there!

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