Sunday Night Rampage or I Feel Like a Dog Playing in the Mud

I’m so excited to start a new week!

I love that I have my week planned out in my day planner and I know exactly what I need to do, exactly what I want to do every day this week. I’m so excited to be this super organised because I know this week is going to be amazingly productive and positive on every level, work, creativity, personal, mental, emotional, it’s all going my way!

I can’t wait to start my Workweek Challenge against my sister with Fitbit! I’m so pumped to get 10,000 steps every day this week! I love how my body feels when it’s active and I’m moving! I love waking up early and seeing the sunrise and getting more accomplished by 9 am than most of the people I know get done all day! I am super pumped to get moving and try new things this week like meditation. This week I am so excited to meditate every day and give myself the gift of connecting with the universe for 10 minutes every day.

I am so happy to attend Words on Water Tuesday night at the Rodd and listen to all the great local talent and share some of my own creativity with an appreciative audience. I can’t wait to see all my creative friends and maybe make some new friends. I’m excited to receive that creative energy spark that I get when I’m in the company of other creative people. I can’t wait to receive all those new ideas and allow them to spark even more ideas in my own creative life. I can’t wait to write blog posts and share them with the world. I’m so excited to write every day this week.

I can’t wait to weigh in Monday morning and confirm my weight loss progress. I love eating healthy fruits and vegetables, legumes and whole grains. I enjoy whipping up Instagram worthy meals. I particularly enjoy all the fresh flavours of the local foods that are in season right now like tomatoes and strawberries. I am so happy that I have adopted a lifestyle which frees me from the bondage of calorie counting and allows me to just eat and enjoy real food intuitively, as I was intended to enjoy it, as much or as little as my body needs, as much or as little as I please. I am so excited to be approaching my perfect goal weight. I love that I’m getting stronger, more conscious and healthier every single day.

I am so excited for the opportunities that this week will present. I know that I’m ready to face every obstacle and overcome every challenge easily. I am so thankful for all the money that I will receive this week. I am so excited to be able to meet my financial obligations for another month and buy nutritious fresh fruit and vegetables. I appreciate the peace of mind that I have because my commitments are met and I enjoy all the extra perks like good food and time spent enjoying things with the people I love.

I am so content in my spacious riverside retreat. I’m so grateful that I get to spend so much time with a partner who truly cherishes me and supports me and loves me despite any flaws. I am so thankful that I have a family I can speak with every day and that we can share and enjoy each others company and laugh together and support one another.

I feel so excited to be alive! Life is so good, so beautiful, so FULL! I am so lucky to be following my bliss, following my satisfaction, to be able to just feel so damn good every day!

I am so excited to wake up early on Monday morning, dress to shoes, swish and swipe, and hit the ground running! This week is going to be the most amazing week! Don’t you feel it?

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