Weekly Weigh-In #1

When I’m not eating as well as I feel I should be, I don’t weigh in, but the fact of the matter is that when I was weighing in more frequently I was losing more weight. So in an effort to hold myself more accountable, I’m once again going to follow a regular weigh-in routine.

Back in late January and early February when I first started the Engine 2 Seven Day Rescue and using my Fitbit faithfully, I would weigh-in first thing every morning. And every morning I weighed just a little bit less. In fact, since I started this whole thing, no matter how closely I was monitoring or ignoring my eating and activity, I have always weighed in less than the previous time. I have never in all my years of yo-yo dieting experienced consistent positive results like that. It has been incredible!

But this time it had been more than a minute since my last weighing. Probably closer to six weeks and during that time I had collapsed into the greasy world of the junk food vegan while basically standing still and drinking a whole lot of red wine. It hasn’t been pretty! And it resulted in me spending some time in the ER with an angry gallbladder. Despite going off the rails I knew my body had continued to change because now I am able to fit into pants that I couldn’t six weeks ago, but shifting body fat doesn’t always mean a numerical loss on the scales.

So I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little bit worried about what I would see this morning.

I don’t use the typical bathroom scales to weigh myself. I started many years ago using the Wii Fit. I like doing that because it’s kind of like a game and it stores all my records and even though he calls me obese all the time I like that he still tells me my Fitness age is at least five years and sometimes up to 20 years younger than what I actually am. I don’t know how accurate the numbers are, but since I really only use them to help me know whether I’m losing, gaining or standing still, they don’t really matter that much.

So this morning I stepped onto the Wii Fit and was pleasantly surprised to have lost another 1.6 pounds since the last time all those many weeks ago! YES! Victory is mine! This brings my total to 33.7 pounds lost since January 30th. I will take it with pleasure! I know some people would focus on what could have happened, where I could have been right now if I hadn’t taken a two month hiatus on junk food island, but that is not my style. It doesn’t serve me to beat myself up about what could have been, instead I praise and celebrate what is right now … and right now I lost another 1.6 pounds! Go me!

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