Words on Water July 18th, 2017

Our last Words on Water event for Irish Festival happened a couple of weeks ago and I think it went over really well. I had a really enjoyable evening reconnecting with my creative side and seeing people I hadn’t seen in awhile. It is so good for my spirit to get out and mingle with other people who write.

I read the piece about Sammy the Salmon’s Irish festival adventure and was so surprised when a member of the audience came up to me after to tell me how much they enjoyed it and they really wanted to know how it ended. Sometimes I think I should give it an update and republish it as a book. I think it would be cute with illustrations, but of course I can’t draw, can’t pay anyone to illustrate, so that project might be a bit further off. Still, I never really think of that Sammy story as being a serious part of my writing collection, so it’s interesting to see people curious about it like that.

I was very happy that my niece Jules came to the event and read one of her personal essays. It was the one called Hospital Rooms about having diabetes. I was so proud of her for being so fearless and strong, to get up there and lay it bare in front of all those people and her voice only cracked once, perhaps only noticeable if you know her. I saw grown men in the audience wiping at their eyes as she read. Powerful. People connected and were touched.

I’ve been uploading videos to my YouTube channel, excerpts from readers. I have created a playlist to keep all the Words on Water videos that I intend to make in future as well. Of course I will miss the next event which is coming right up this weekend on August 5th. Details to be found on the Facebook page. Last year we had a lovely crowd attend, so I’m hoping this year will be just as well attended if not better. Meanwhile I will be off to the Coughlan Family Reunion for the first time in … how many years? Difficult to say.

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  1. I for one have always been curious about Sammy and his adventures and if he is still swimmin’ the MIGHTY MIRAMICHI waters trying to splash you to get your attention again. He wants to return to the streams of your mind and just maybe someone who is a talented artist could grab onto his tail fins and swim right into the stream of creative expression and join in the journey to being a Sammy book series success.
    Are your W.O.W. gatherings open to out-of-town attenders and possible open mic readers?

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