Build a Bowl: His & Hers Dinner

I continue to see people in my Facebook groups struggling with what to eat as they transition to a plant based or vegan lifestyle. People who admittedly have never been into cooking are now looking for easy recipes so they can do this. And I’m still baffled by this because I have never cooked any less than I have since adopting this lifestyle. Anything that I want to eat can pretty much be cooked either in the microwave or a rice cooker. It’s so simple! Even my boyfriend feels like a master chef now as he makes Instagram worthy meals all by himself!

So this week I thought I would continue my Build a Bowl series with a couple of His and Hers Dinner bowls. I like my food to have a bit of a spicy zip, but my boyfriend can’t handle the heat so I build slightly different meals for each of us. It takes very little effort and time from start to finish as I use a lot of the same ingredients and build the bowls side by side.

Normally I use a rice or other grain base, but lately I’ve been loving potatoes so I decided to use them for the base of these dinner bowls. I always soak all my fresh produce in pure white vinegar before eating in order to eliminate pesticides and that includes potatoes, which I will then rinse in warm water while scrubbing vigorously with a vegetable scrubber. I pierce the skins with a fork or knife point and then microwave on high for 8 minutes to start. Depending on how large the potatoes are and how many I am cooking at one time they may be cooked through after that time or they may need a few more minutes. I poke them with a fork or knife after 8 minutes and then decide which ones need a bit more and which ones are done.

For quick easy bowl building I use frozen vegetables like peas and corn, again heating them in the microwave for a few minutes until they are steamed. I also use canned beans, which I drain and rinse well under hot water beforehand. Other than chopping any other fresh vegetables I might use, that’s all there is to the cooking for a bowl. I don’t heat up the beans, they are usually a bit warm from the hot water rinse anyway, but they are already cooked in the can.

His Bowl

Her Bowl

Both these bowls were delicious! My boyfriend said it was the best bowl I ever made for him. Both bowls were very satisfying and packed full of healthy nutrients. Here’s a video I put together.

If you want to see more bowls, click here to check out my Build a Bowl for Breakfast post. Subscribe to my blog and/ or YouTube Channel so you don’t miss any of my upcoming Build a Bowl posts or videos.

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