Kellie Underhill is NBwords

For many years has been a blog filled with whatever thoughts and ideas I had at any given moment. Sometimes it was well tended with multiple new posts every week and other times weeks and months passed without a single new word being published. Recently you may have noticed some changes here. My blog has been moved to the back to make room for a “Welcome” home page as well as some other new pages.

The reason for these cosmetic tweaks is because after all these years of working as a staff editor, writer, and social media manager I have decided to hang out my “Open” sign and go freelance. Yes, I am NBwords, your one stop shop for everything wordy in New Brunswick (and beyond!) Exciting! Isn’t it?

So what does this mean?

Well …

  • If you’re a writer and you need someone to edit or proofread your latest book, I’m your girl!
  • If you’re a business owner and you know social media is important but you don’t have the time or the energy to figure it all out and do daily posts, you need to contact me right now.
  • If you’re part of an organisation and you want your team to be able to string sentences together or use social media responsibly or increase their creativity and productivity, then I am the workshop facilitator you’ve been dreaming about!
  • If you’re planning an important event and you need someone to emcee, then I am your Host with the most!
  • If you’re an individual who feels a little tech challenged and you want some help downloading the latest apps, setting up your own blog, increasing the security on your laptop, getting set up with affordable or free software, or just learning how to use Facebook or Skype, I’m ready to help!
  • If you’re just looking for a little advice, to pick my brains for certain expertise, then schedule a call.
  • If you have any need for a professional writer, editor, speaker, or social media manager, I am the quadruple threat!

So let’s chat! Tell me what you need and I will tell you how I can help. It doesn’t get any easier than that! I am super excited to roll up my sleeves and start helping some new clients right away!


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  1. Kellie, thank you for all your help with media and computer issues last week. Please, please, please, have a class for those of us who are afraid to click on links, wonder what a ………….. fill in blank with any word, and are embarrassed to ask for help. I am glad I did.

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