Setting Intentions for 2018

Happy New Year! It’s a brand spanking new year and I couldn’t be any more excited! I’m one of those people who loves a blank page, a new chapter, a fresh beginning, so the new year is always a pretty important time for me, even if I come into it on the down-low from a place of negativity. This year though I am coming in on a high note and feeling super positive! If I was fully recovered from surgery I would have gone to some sort of big New Year’s Eve celebration outdoors with bands and fireworks and froze my ass off last night. But instead I welcomed 2018 with some of my family at a small casual gathering where we played Cards Against Humanity and laughed our asses off. Good times!

As I mentioned yesterday, this week I’ve been working on setting goals for 2018 using Jim Rohn’s methods that we always used when I worked with Mighty Miramichi. I’ve been doing this exercise every year for a long time now. It was so difficult when I first started that I dreaded doing it again. But the more I did it, the easier it became, and now it’s one of the highlights of my annual routine that I get very excited about and look forward to doing. This year was no exception, I couldn’t wait to dig in and start setting my intentions. But there were some surprises as I worked through the exercise this year that I didn’t see coming. After all this time I thought I had it down to a science and there would be no more major surprises but I guess I should know to expect the unexpected.

Anyway, a couple of years ago I designed a template for this goal exercise that you can download and use to set your own goals or just to follow along with mine. Click here for the free download.

The exercise begins by listing five things you’ve already accomplished that you’re proud of doing. Every year I have basically the same list including things like going to Ryerson, quitting smoking, moving to Sackville when I knew nobody there, and so on. All good things, all things that I am proud to say I have done … but still, the SAME things every year. But this time I came up with four new things that I just did this past year, plus one old regular. This surprised me! And it also seemed to set the mood for the whole exercise.

Five things I have already accomplished that I am proud of accomplishing:

  1. Quitting Smoking … TWICE!

  2. Going Vegan in 2017

  3. Starting my NBwords website for real and WordNest Podcast, really putting myself out there

  4. Leaving my old job and getting a new one almost seamlessly, without even trying

  5. Being strong and brave enough to stand up to that first surgeon in the ER and keep my gallbladder, then being tough enough to go through hell for months before finally being brave enough to accept the help of Dr. Keraba, who is lovely!

I could have easily written a dozen things as I looked back over the years! The list was easy and abundant! I am proud of myself about a lot of things … and I am super proud of myself for feeling that pride! Because this was not always the case, not even close. I used to struggle to think of anything. So yeah, good for me! I have grown and evolved as a person.

The second part of the exercise is where you make a list of 50 things you want to do in the next 10 years. If there were no obstacles standing in your way, if anything was possible… who would you be? What would you do? Where would you go? You’re supposed to really let loose and just list everything, no matter how unrealistic or extravagant it might seem to you. Again, I could have easily whipped up a few hundred things, a mere 50 came fast and easily, but that was not the case even last year. I have always struggled to come up with 50 things. This week my fingers flew across the keyboard typing my list, 50 things, easy peasy!

Once you have your initial list you then look back over each one and decide how long it would take you to accomplish that thing if you focused your intention on it and really tried to do it – 1 year, 3 years, 5 years or 10 years. Then you write the number of years it would take you beside it. Finally you go back over the list and tally up how many 1 year goals, 3 year goals, 5 year goals and 10 year goals you have. This is where it all got a little surprising again. Usually I have a pretty balanced total, about half of them in a year and the rest divided pretty evenly over 3, 5 or 10 years. That has been my normal ratio since I first started doing this exercise. If anything, in the beginning I might have had less one year goals and a more evenly balanced distribution. So this year was pretty bizarre by comparison.

2018 Totals:

  • One year goals = 40

  • Three year goals = 6

  • Five year goals = 2

  • Ten year goals = 2

Crazy! I am either really living in the present or else I am extremely optimistic about my ability to accomplish things quickly. The breakdown has never been so skewed toward the present.

From there you go through and choose your top five 1 year goals that are the most important for you to give your attention in the coming year. And usually this is not that difficult, but for me with almost all of them being in the single year category, I thought it might be challenging. But I thought wrong! It turned out that as I looked at them, a lot of the things I wanted to do could be action steps under a bigger goal on the list, so picking the top five was pretty easy. Then you write a little paragraph about why this goal is important to you, because Jim Rohn says when your why gets stronger your how gets stronger too. Then you write 20 things you can start doing immediately in order to accomplish the goal in the next year. Those are your action steps.

I won’t bother you with the big lists, the reasons why, or even the action steps, but here are my goals for 2018:

  1. Make money while I sleep

  2. Take my boyfriend to Toronto

  3. Achieve a healthy BMI

  4. Go camping at more music festivals throughout the Maritimes

  5. Be more social and considerate 

I like this list! It feels good! It makes me excited! I whipped up 20 actions for each one with very little thought or effort, so I am ready to tackle this list.

What about you? Are you setting your intentions for 2018? Will you follow through with the Jim Rohn Goal Setting exercise? I would love to hear your list!

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  1. It’s a pretty good list, K! One of my goals is quite singular, but with many spin-off elements. For instance, I hope to get back to a (very) regular writing schedule. And if that works out, it will be one of my ancillary goals to promote one of my books on the Miramichi. I’ll need your help with that… 😉 I hope to chat more about this, when I get closer to nailing that primary goal! Talk to you soon, K, and good luck! Chuck
    On Mon, Jan 1, 2018 at 2:19 PM, Kellie Underhill wrote:
    > Kellie posted: “Happy New Year! It’s a brand spanking new year and I > couldn’t be any more excited! I’m one of those people who loves a blank > page, a new chapter, a fresh beginning, so the new year is always a pretty > important time for me, even if I come into it on the do” >

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