I’m Normal!

On Thursday I had a follow-up appointment with my surgeon. The good news is I am healing very well, no issues, and they checked my gallbladder when they removed it and it was just stones, no signs of the big C. Woo hoo! I am a normal human being!

So there, that’s done and we can all stop talking so damn much about my innards. Moving on …

Some tidbits …

We got hit by a big weather system here on the east coast this week. Blizzard conditions, freezing temperatures … at one point the major hwy between Renous and Miramichi was actually closed, which I can’t ever remember seeing in my lifetime. So that has been kind of crazy.

I’m noticing that the road crews don’t seem to be using a lot of sand, salt or other chemicals so far this winter and I’m wondering if some law has passed while I’ve been asleep that has banned these things or if there is a shortage or if someone is trying to save money or if a new study shows that these things actually don’t help or what is going on. For the record, I think it helps. The roads feel slippery and precarious.

I bought my BFF a planner for Christmas and I subconsciously or accidentally also ordered one for myself. So this morning I broke that puppy out and planned the rest of this month and the coming week. I am starting to feel well again (I know, I know, we weren’t supposed to talk about that anymore) so I want to get back to my master plan. And that means …

  • Regular blog posts!
  • More YouTube Videos!
  • And way more Podcasts!

I’ve also got some other things planned, but first things first, I will get to that later.

So now I am interested to hear from you. What topics do you want to read about on my blog? What kinds of videos do you want to watch on my YouTube? Who are the special guests you would like me to have on my Podcast? And what topics/ events would you like me to speak about there?

So many questions! I know! But really, I am interested in what you want. Plus, most of this stuff is brand new territory for me, so I am just learning as I go. It’s nice to be able to learn the stuff that I know at least some of my supporters are interested in.

Anyhow, keep your eye on this space! There’s lots more coming up because the doctor says I’m normal and normal people can do stuff!


2 thoughts on “I’m Normal!

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  1. Fantastic. This means you get to act normal (whatever that word mean)! So, writing without worrying, living without waiting for the other shoe to drop. Glad to hear better health is finding you. Cheers, Chuck

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