My Weekday Evening Routine

Last week I discussed how following a routine makes my life better and I shared my usual weekday morning routine. This week I am focused on my evening routine.

Typically Monday through Friday I get home from work between 4:45 and about 5:15 pm. I am not going to lie, usually I am super tired and really hungry. If it’s a cold day and I’ve gotten a chill at my desk in the office I will run around my place turning heaters up before I slip into my warm jammies and slide under my fuzzy blanket on the couch. I will turn on some daily talk show recorded on YouTube and I might stay there until after 8 pm before I finally feel warm enough and hungry enough to grab something to eat. It helps if I have leftovers that I can just heat up in the microwave.

Since I returned to work after my surgery though I have been feeling better, less tired, and less cold, so I’ve been trying to get out of this terrible evening routine and start doing the things I want and need to get done in order to set myself up for a successful next morning. It isn’t easy though, because it’s only too easy to get sucked in under that blanket and nap all evening with Wendy Williams videos playing on YouTube. However, I am making progress and last week I didn’t fall asleep on the couch early at all.

My Weekday Evening Routine Now

Last week I got home around 4:45 most days but a few evenings I went out shopping for some things right after work and one evening I worked late, so my evening game was not where I wanted it to be, but it also wasn’t me on the couch so it was improved. I would eat something after shopping whether I cooked french fries in the air fryer or ate the “eggless” tofu salad sandwiches that I never had time to eat at work. One night I did some minor housecleaning by swiffering and sweeping, another night I did some laundry, and a couple of evenings I washed the dishes. I was in bed asleep by 10 pm every night of the week, and most nights it was much more like 9 pm. I got to spend quality time with my boyfriend and watch some Netflix together. Every evening I took the time to do my evening review in my Panda Planner. The three nights my boyfriend was here I slept in the bed and all the other nights I slept on the couch.

There was an awful lot of stuff that I wanted to do that I had written on my list that I never even attempted on any of the week nights. But even still, this was a huge improvement over what I had been doing before Christmas, before the surgery. I barely had the energy to make it through the basic work day then and just making it to the couch was such a relief at the end of the day. Thank goodness that is all behind me now!

New to My Evening Routine

This week I am feeling confident that I can incorporate a few things more consistently into my evening routine which will really help to keep me on track, more organised and productive, as well as set the stage for a successful next morning.

So this week I am going to:

  1. prepare and eat supper as soon as I get home.
  2. wash the dishes and clean my sink before bedtime.
  3. prepare my work lunch before bedtime.
  4. lay out my outfit for the next morning.
  5. read for at least 15 minutes before going to sleep.

These are just five little things that I can sneak into my evening with very little effort if I am consistent with them and don’t let anything get out of hand. And they’ll help me get off to a better start the following morning because I won’t have to worry about what I’m going to wear or eat that day, I will have it already figured out.

If I stick to my morning and evening routines through the week and if I continue to get enough rest by going to bed early, then I will get to that place where I will have valuable spare time in the evening to follow my creativity and make my podcasts, film my videos, write my blog posts, and even write a book! There is lots of time to work on these things, I just need to manage my time and not waste it shivering under the covers napping while The View plays on YouTube.

And I am excited to turn these routines into habits and make great things happen! The creative stuff is the stuff that wakes me up at 5 am and gets my feet out onto the cold floor! I am excited to finally be working on these things!

I can’t say it enough, keep your eye on this space, because I have ideas! 🙂


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