New on Netflix: Can’t Cope, Won’t Cope

Over the weekend I noticed this new television series on Netflix called “Can’t Cope, Won’t Cope.” Yes, it’s not the greatest as titles go, but I was intrigued enough by the photographs to at least hover over it and find out what it was all about. At the time I was looking for something light and short, possibly a sitcom, that I could watch quickly while I ate my breakfast and then could go about the rest of my day without getting sucked into some sort of dramatic marathon. At 22 minutes for the first episode this fit the bill PLUS I discovered it was an Irish program and if you know me at all you know I LOVE Irish films and programs. So, that sealed the decision.

Within 30 seconds of the first episode I knew I would love this show. The accents! The humour! The language! YES!

The series is about the relationship between two women in their late 20’s. Aisling works at an office job that pays the bills but doesn’t seem to fill her up, while Danielle has gone back to university to pursue her passion of being an artist. Both of the young women are a bit wild at first, going out every night, dancing, drinking, going home with strangers for sex, doing the walk of shame the next morning. But Danielle has hope for the future and real aspirations. As she begins to take responsibility for her life and go after her dreams, Aisling begins to spiral even further out of control.

I enjoyed this show so much that I wound up watching all six episodes in the first series. And I’m looking forward to the second series, which should happen this year now that Netflix has gotten involved. It reminds me a bit of “Skins” a British series that I enjoyed very much. Though “Skins” was more drama than this one. “Can’t Cope, Won’t Cope” episodes are just over 20 minutes, like a sitcom, reminiscent of “The Inbetweeners” though not nearly so light-hearted. It’s more gritty and real. At times not very pretty. At times pretty uncomfortable. Yet it’s darkly humorous and very well written.

I can relate to both these young women. I see my 27 year old self in Aisling, stumbling around, off her head making stupid choices as she searches for some kind of meaning to her life. And I also see my 20-something self in Danielle, determined to make the best of my second chance in university, daring to dream of bettering myself, and then being brave enough to follow through.

But can their friendship survive through this growth in polar opposite directions or will they go their separate ways? Well, you’ll have to watch and see. And I hope you will.

This series was a pleasant surprise that I’m glad to have discovered. I’ll be eagerly awaiting the second part.

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