On January 30th I celebrated one full year of eating a plant-based diet and about six months of being vegan. I say that because in the beginning it was just about weight loss and health for me, I hadn’t made the connection to the animals. I wasn’t consciously buying specific shampoos and conditioners because they were vegan. But that changed just before I watched the movie Earthlings and after watching that film there is no way to go back. Why consciously kill animals or make them suffer when it’s not necessary?

When I first went whole food plant based even my vegan friends thought it was a bit extreme and strict. My meat eating family and friends thought I had gone a bit nuts I’m sure. But it was actually the easiest lifestyle transition I ever made. It turns out that this is the easiest way of eating for someone like me. Who knew?

Since my gallbladder removal surgery just before Christmas I’m not going to lie, I have been a bit off the rails following a Vegan diet that is definitely not whole food or low fat, which is how I lost all the weight. And my weight loss journey isn’t over, I still have goals to reach, but this winter I have been enjoying all the fried and processed foods that I want. Vegan food is just so accessible now! And it’s really good! Faux triangle fish, chicken nuggets, burgers and meatballs have become a weekly staple at my place. I am eating tofu every weekday and sometimes on the weekends too! I make this eggless sandwich spread that is delicious. I am going through a loaf of bread every week plus a bag of bagels every two weeks and a bag hamburger buns every three weeks. Nacho chips can be found in every nook and cranny of my cupboard and I am buying soft corn tortillas for tacos whenever I see them in the store.

So yeah, my one year vegan-iversary came and went and I have gone from whole food, plant based, low fat, no salt, no sugar, no oil … to full on vegan junk food junkie. I need to bring this back a notch. Maybe not as severe as when I first started, but definitely more conscious eating than what I’ve been practising lately or I may as well have a welcome back party for all those pounds I shed. It’s been a full two months of going nuts, but enough is enough is ENOUGH already!

And it’s not just about the weight (though visions of a healthy thin body for summer still dance in my head, not gonna lie) it’s much more about feeling good and having a great energy level. You’ll notice my blogging was pretty regular, developing some kind of schedule, and then it kind of disappeared. You will remember I had a vision of a regular podcast and other things. Well, it is super hard to do all that when you just collapse on the couch and snooze all evening when you get home from work. It’s difficult to get a jump on these projects and make things happen when you don’t want to do anything on the weekend. When I eat more whole food, I feel better and have more energy. It’s not rocket science. And as we head into spring I want to have lots of energy to not only go places and do things but to write about those places and activities, to interview people for my podcast, and to post videos of everything. Laying around eating potato chips isn’t going to help me do any of these things.

So Happy Vegan-iversary to me! One year down … the rest of my life ahead of me!

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