50 Things

One of the first steps in setting your intentions or goals for the future is to just do a brain dump by listing 50 things you want … if money were no object, if anything was within your reach … how would you spend your time? Where would you be? What would you being doing? Nothing is too outrageous. Now is the time to let all your hopes and dreams fly!

Here I go!

  1. Travel across Canada by train
  2. Visit the Yukon
  3. Study at the Banff Arts Centre
  4. Publish a book
  5. Write a novel
  6. Write and produce a play onstage
  7. See U2 in concert
  8. Visit Newfoundland
  9. Achieve a healthy BMI
  10. Practice yoga
  11. Practice meditation
  12. Read books
  13. Own my own house
  14. Eat real food
  15. Get back into writing groups like the WFNB
  16. Go to the Fog Lit Festival
  17. Go to TIFF
  18. A log house on riverfront
  19. Travel extensively
  20. Be debt free
  21. Accumulate much wealth
  22. Mentor people
  23. Employ a staff including a personal assistant, driver, chef and housekeeper
  24. Give speaking engagements
  25. Develop and run an artists retreat for writers
  26. Start my own artistic festival in Miramichi
  27. Learn film editing
  28. Go on a vineyard tour/ wine vacation
  29. Own a vacation home in Alma
  30. Own a condo in downtown Toronto
  31. Visit the Canadian Rockies
  32. Spend the rest of my life with a person I love, being loved, respected, supported as an equal partner
  33. Grow my own food
  34. Rescue animals
  35. Spend more time in nature
  36. Have the means to take care of my family
  37. Travel across the country by RV
  38. Make a movie
  39. Attend a session with Abraham
  40. Go to a Kevin Smith Show
  41. Attend Comic-Con
  42. Develop a product line
  43. Do a spiritual hike
  44. Attend new festivals I’ve never attended before
  45. Get a walk on role on Coronation Street
  46. Go back to university to study literature and art
  47. Own investment properties
  48. Develop my own wine
  49. Own a vineyard
  50. Meet many interesting people and form new friendships

The list of 50 things is challenging, especially if you’re doing it for the first time and you aren’t used to letting your dreams flow. But for me, it’s been fairly easy these past years because I’ve grown so used to doing it.

However, this year it’s the toughest it has been in a while. I’ve been struggling all week to come up with 50 things and I’m not really very excited by what I did put down. Some of it is okay, I suppose all of it is okay, in a mediocre kind of way, but nothing really jumps out and pulls me in and makes my heart pound and sing, “Yes! This! NOW!” It feels like I’m forcing it.

Maybe 2019 doesn’t need any intention other than I will live in it. I will get back on track and find my passion for life again. I will get unstuck (I AM unstuck!) and I will “do” things … create, feel, be.

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  1. This is an excellent challenge! While I may not post it to the world, I’m excited to see where my dreams suggest I should go. I know some of the activities — of course– but I bet I can come up with some that are completely new. We’ll see, I guess. Thanks for this. Chuck Bowie

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