Positive Manifestation

Last night I dreamed I was attending a business lunch with my old work family. It was more of a boozy lunch at one of the pubs. Nearly three hours of food, drinks, and bouncing ideas off one another. I miss those kinds of lunches sometimes.

Just last week I was praising my old boss, speaking of goal setting exercises completed annually as a group and how I always felt like a partner, not an employee. The environment created a fierce loyalty, and not just in me. I would never tolerate anyone saying a negative comment about any of my former co-workers, even now, a year and three months since we’ve worked together.

I’m developing that same type of loyalty toward my current work team. I am so fortunate to consistently have gotten to work with so many great people for the past almost two decades. Not everyone can say the same. So many people I know just tolerate their jobs, a necessary evil, something they can’t wait to move on from or retire. They dream of winning the lotto and never having to see or speak to those terrible people they work with again. Not me. I have such respect and admiration for almost everyone I’ve worked with since the beginning of this century.

Have there been a few bad seeds along the way? Of course! Personalities clash sometimes, people don’t always share the same work ethic, core beliefs or social mores. I have worked with people I knew disliked me very much and the feeling was mutual. But in my experience it is more pleasant to focus on the positive, the good work, the great people.

Kill ’em with kindness!

No, really. If you don’t give the negativity any attention … if you consistently focus on the positive … if you don’t feed into the dislike … it can’t grow, and it is more likely to just disappear completely. I know that sounds like a bunch of airy fairy stuff to some people, and that’s okay, to each his or her own. But this is my experience and I haven’t been required to work for very long with anyone I didn’t really enjoy since … I can’t remember when … the early to mid 1990’s likely. They just disappear. They find other jobs, they move on.

My current team is in the process of change. People are moving on and new ones are coming in … and it’s scary because good people are leaving and I don’t know what kinds of people are coming in yet. There is an unknown factor, and the unknown is always daunting. But I am in a different kind of environment now, younger people move around more, I certainly did when I was younger. So I am resolved to just go with the flow and focus on the positive. I am full of gratitude that I get to go work with people who I genuinely enjoy every day. The faces might change more often now but I see this as an opportunity to meet and work with even more great people … bad seeds need not apply.

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  1. Hey, K: I really enjoyed Positive Manifestation. It is a great approach to establishing and maintaining work relationships. Cheers, Chuck


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