Weekly Round-Up

What a week! Heat, humidity, forest fires, and a new outbreak of COVID-19 that will likely change everything, effect everyone in the coming weeks.

It was exciting to see the bomber planes filling up on the river in front of my parents place. (*Photo by my BFF, Stacy.) But it was frightening to know the fires were burning out of control so close to everyone I love. And again it was hard to be so far away from them. Just another thing cementing my decision to move closer to my family.

The girl I work with is in the process of buying her first home. She’s so young, so smart. I can’t imagine buying a home at her age. But real estate is an excellent investment, and I think it’s an awesome move for her. What would my situation look like now, if I had been more interested in my investments and financial future when I was that age? I suppose I would have traded all my adventures for that type of security.

In a couple of weeks I have booked off a week of vacation. If the province isn’t locked down, if the covid outbreak in the northwest doesn’t turn out to be that severe, I want to travel around the province looking at model homes at various modular home dealerships. I thought this would be a great way to stay-cation, daily road trips, but always returning home at night, physical distancing, wearing masks, being careful, packing a picnic lunch, or scoping out take-out options in advance. But by then, I may be confined to my apartment again, depending on the fall-out from this new outbreak.

Speaking of the new outbreak … I am furious by this doctor’s arrogance. I can’t blame stupidity or ignorance. This was a doctor who would know better than anyone else the risks involved, who swore an oath to protect and serve but instead chose to lie rather than self-isolate. I hope he is fired from his job and prosecuted with the full force of the law. But that won’t change what’s about to happen to us in New Brunswick because of one person’s actions and arrogance. I pray his poor judgement doesn’t end up killing people.

Today I am planning my menu for the coming week, ordering my groceries online, looking at floor plans for modular homes online, getting things set up to for an easy first week of June!

Mood: calm, cool, and collected
Drinking: I think there’s a glass of red wine in my future
Listening to: Snapped on TV
Hair: that short messy bedhead look

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