Sunday Morning Teen Idols

Fooling around on YouTube this morning, reminiscing about my youth by watching clips of old shows I used to love.

I think the first full-size poster I ever got was of Shaun Cassidy. That classic one where he’s wearing the silver satin ball jacket. I loved The Hardy Boys! Growing up I had devoured an awful lot of Hardy Boys books. To have them brought to television was like a dream come true. And Shaun as Joe Hardy was too much for my little tweenager heart!

I was such a huge fan I also followed his music career and will never forget when I received an 8-track tape of his music for my birthday.

I found some real gems of clips of old shows and songs from the late 70’s and 80’s. I could have gotten lost on YouTube all day!

The Odd Couple, Emergency!, The Waltons, Barnaby Jones, The Six Billion Dollar Man, Happy Days, Little House on the Prairie, Logan’s Run, Baretta, Barney Miller, Welcome Back Kotter, Starsky and Hutch, Family, Alice, Charlie’s Angels, Quincy, Eight is Enough, Chips, Fantasy Island, Vegas, WKRP in Cincinnati, The White Shadow, Hart to Hart, Knots Landing, BJ and the Bear … I could go on and on and on.

Yes, I did watch a lot of television, especially considering I grew up having only one TV in the house and just two channels to watch! No cable! But I didn’t get out to the movies much as a kid. My parents took me to see movies like Smokey and the Bear and Every Which Way But Loose, but regular outings to the drive-in or theatre weren’t in the budget. Movies were a special treat.

But television was awesome!

I forgot about the Barbarino Song! This brings the happy!

When I was a teenager I loved all the teen magazines like Tiger Beat and I’d pull out all the posters and tape them up on my wall. Rick Springfield, Scott Baio, Patrick Swayze, Rob Lowe, Matt Dillion, John Stamos and many more. Of course I had my Canadian faves too like Wayne Gretzky and Renee Simard.

I had some female favourites too like Farrah Fawcett. I wanted to be her! Or Wonder Woman! Or Lindsay Wagner! Or Olivia Newton-John as Sandy from Grease. I loved anything Grease! For many years I had a poster taped to the back of my bedroom door of something we invented called Grease-Papa, which was from an assignment at school where we drew a scene from the movie Grease but made all the characters Barbapapas … I don’t know what the assignment was exactly, but somehow we came up with this crazy idea to cross the movie Grease with the kids show Barbapapa and developed this poster, which apparently fit the theme because I think we got a good grade.

It’s fun to look back at these vintage posters and television clips and see where some big stars got started, while other stars just faded away.

Mood: nostalgic
Drinking: water is the elixir of life!
Listening To: aaaannnnd when i walked her home …
Hair: holy fluff ball!

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