One Down, 24 to Go

I have crossed something else off my life list! Earlier this week a bright shiny new Canadian passport with my name on it arrived by priority post! Yes! I am a woman who can now leave her home and native land to seek adventure elsewhere. Where might I go? What might I do? And when... Continue Reading →

My New Favourite Day

Since I first started blogging in February of 2004, over five years ago, I don't think I've ever taken such a long hiatus. I can't believe it's been over two months since I published a post. Wow! Forgive me readers, for I have sinned. I would like to explain my absence by saying that I... Continue Reading →

101 in 101 Update

Briefly updated my 101 in 101 list. Want to revamp the whole thing, start fresh with things that matter to me now. Might get to that this week sometime. My arthritis is acting up today. A little achy in the knees and fingers. A whole lotta sleepy and lazy from pain. Went to the folks... Continue Reading →


Ten degrees at 9am. High of 18 predicted for today. Chance of thundershowers in the forecast. Despite all the rumours to the contrary, summer is really going to come! Last night was one of those gorgeous nights, not too cold, calm, no bugs, not too dark . . . I could have stayed out all... Continue Reading →

Morning Girl

My how times have changed. This morning, lying in bed, awake but freezing, around from just before 6am on . . . and the more after 6 heading to 6:30 the time becomes, the more I think to myself, "Get up! You're sleeping in! You're going to miss the day!" Which gets my feet to... Continue Reading →


Minus 11 at 6am, no wind chill. No wind chill?! YAY!! Today I go outside! Awake since 4:30 again this morning, though I didn't get up until after 5. I like to lay and think and look at the lights out the window. My old apartment was so dark, so windowless, this is a treat.... Continue Reading →

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