Welcome 2019!

I brought this New Year in all by myself. Just me and a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon in front of the CBC live stream from Charlottetown. It was the type of New Year's Eve that was a decade in the making. On my terms, in my space, focused only on myself. I intended to bring... Continue Reading →


On January 30th I celebrated one full year of eating a plant-based diet and about six months of being vegan. I say that because in the beginning it was just about weight loss and health for me, I hadn't made the connection to the animals. I wasn't consciously buying specific shampoos and conditioners because they... Continue Reading →

My Private Fringe

On Sunday I will have been married for four years. I haven't laid eyes on my husband in over two years. This morning I'm meeting with a lawyer to begin the divorce proceedings because my husband says he still loves me, doesn't want to divorce, and while he'll honour my wishes and sign the papers,... Continue Reading →

80 Years Young

Not long now. In a little bit, I'll be turning 40. Let the countdown begin! It's a milestone for someone who never believed she'd live past the age of 33. It's a little frightening to hit that number and realize with certainty that my life is already past or certainly approaching the halfway mark. And... Continue Reading →

Happy Anniversary to Me!

The day was half over before I looked at the calendar and noticed the date ... October 22nd ... Happy Anniversary to Me! On this day nearly 25 years ago I started dating my first serious boyfriend, my high school sweetheart. I remember the months leading up to that date like they were yesterday ...... Continue Reading →

Five Years

Five years ago today, I quit smoking . . . and fattened up for the kill. Quitting was the hardest thing ever. It ravaged my body. Ravaged! Nobody tells you about how ugly the detox part gets. Imagine 20 some years of poison leaving your body. It's not pretty. I didn't feel like myself for... Continue Reading →

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