7 am: Eclipse

So there's a full lunar eclipse happening now, or tonight, I haven't been able to determine for sure. The information I read that Commander Hadfield posted on Facebook led me to believe the eclipse would be tonight as the moon rises, which would mean I would have a perfect view from my front window. But... Continue Reading →

The 7 am Project

I have moved. I'm in the very same building that I lived in back in 2009 before life took a sudden sharp turn. It's a different apartment, laid out the exact opposite of the last one. So it's like being in a new place and coming home all at the same time. I became a... Continue Reading →

Clean Start

On the weekend I saw something that inspired me to write. At the time I thought a blog post, but upon further reflection I think it'll be my next Editor's Note in Bread 'n Molasses for July. Today has been long and tiring. I've finally started my spring cleaning. Yes, I've only been thinking about... Continue Reading →


When marimba rhythms start to playDance with me, make me swayLike a lazy ocean hugs the shoreHold me close, sway me moreLike a flower bending in the breezeBend with me, sway with easeWhen we dance you have a way with meStay with me, sway with meOther dancers may be on the floorDear, but my eyes... Continue Reading →

Don’t Stop Believin’

Sometimes I feel like taking the midnight train to anywhere . . . but not today! It's too damn cold! I think. My apartment is kinda chilly. I think I need to crank up the oven, cook a roast or something. I'm distracted by Journey in the background. Street lights, people . . . ok,... Continue Reading →

Moving Day

Over the past week I've been moving things around in the front rooms. Changing the lay-out, decluttering my money corner (and you thought i wasn't paying attention i bet!) and just trying to generally get all my furniture into more functional positions. I've missed the futon! I'm not kidding. I really haven't been using it... Continue Reading →

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