Golden Eagles

There's a family of at least three eagles living close by. I'm fortunate to live on the third floor and have a large window. Sometimes when I'm sitting on my couch watching TV, I will turn my head and look just as one of the big birds glides past right at eye level. Oh how... Continue Reading →


When you can't think of a title and the song currently playing is "Maneater" by Nelly Furtado and you're not really feeling like much of a maneater at the moment, what do you do? Untitle the damn post and get on with the business of writing it.So it's my last day. Everything needs to be... Continue Reading →

Big Clouds

Sunshine is nice but the wind has a chill. Some mysterious aches in my arms and hands. Still with the sinus! I'm going to start dumping in the spicy stuff and lots of garlic. Knock it out of me one way or the other. Went upriver this morning to the Miramichi Salmon Conservation Centre and... Continue Reading →


I have discovered a new band that I love, The Ringers. I added a YFly player to my sidebar with one of their songs, Kamikaze Heart in my playlist. Listen! I love it. There's some video and other things from other people in there. I had to shrink it pretty small to get it to... Continue Reading →

Your Time Is Gonna Come

I'm fascinated by the birds outside my window. Huge flocks of ducks, seagulls, black birds, robins, crows, ravens, pigeons, and the occasional eagle. To watch the ducks take to the air as one and swoop into formation as they rise, is an uplifting amazing things. Hundreds of ducks. They look very much like the swarms... Continue Reading →

Picked Up a Day

Tabu Trip called on account of snow/freezing rain. Whew! It's better to do a road trip on a bright sunshiny day, you feel better about the place, the place feels better about you. And I was starting to super-stress for home time, so this is kind of a blessing. I need to go domestic for... Continue Reading →

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