Fed Up with this Sugar Coated Life

fedupsugarcoatedWell July whizzed past in a humid haze of gluttony and sloth. I went on a little trip. I got my financial situation that has haunted me for over a dozen years back under my own control. I cut off all my hair (not myself this time, I went to the salon). I have been eating out too much, drinking too much, sleeping too little, working too much, cleaning too little, and generally just going with the flow. It has been hot. But worse, it has been humid. Weeks and weeks of sweat drenching mind numbing days with very few reprieves. But yesterday was lovely. I have some hope for today. And today is the first day of my Juicing Reboot! Finally! Continue reading “Fed Up with this Sugar Coated Life”

Is Juicing the Answer?

juicerOver the weekend I watched some more documentaries on Netflix including Fat, Sick and Nearly DeadI had heard of it and added it to my Netflix list quite awhile ago, but I didn’t really know what it was all about. I assumed some sort of plant based diet.

The film chronicles Joe Cross’ journey from being 100 pounds overweight, loaded up on steroids and suffering from a debilitating autoimmune disease, to getting off the pills and achieving a balanced healthy lifestyle. At the beginning of the film he decides that his only option left is to rely on the body’s natural ability to heal itself, to just get out of the way. And he does this by embarking on a 60 day journey across America with juicer and generator in tow, trading in fast food for fresh fruit and vegetable juice. For 60 days he eats no solid food and only juices (under a doctor’s supervision, of course).  Continue reading “Is Juicing the Answer?”

Quick Update

Vegan Caesar Salad
Vegan Caesar Salad

Not much time for posting today but I wanted to share my pics of yesterday’s kitchen experiments.

Yesterday was a really good day. I watched shows on my computer in the kitchen while I cooked and did dishes and cooked some more. I made a vegan caesar salad. Everything from scratch. The dressing, the faux bacon bits, and the croutons.

Sweet potato fries with spicy mayo
Sweet potato fries with spicy mayo

It tastes pretty damn good if I do say so myself. Not quite the same as a caesar salad, but a delightful salad on its own.

I also made some homemade sweet potato fries in the Actifry with a spicy mayo dip that I made myself. Delish! Tonight I might have to attempt the vegan mac ‘n cheese recipe I’ve had my eye on. Comfort food in the wake of what they are calling the worst nor’easter that we’ve had in 12 years.

Rainy Day People

Tofu scramble with home fries toast.
Tofu scramble with home fries toast.

It’s a rainy day, mild temperatures above zero, which makes my place kind of chilly because the heater doesn’t run as often, it’s damp and there is no sun. On the positive side it is warm enough to go outside to walk. On the negative side it is very wet out and now all the snow has been washed off the ice leaving slippery trails. It is supposed to stay mild all week though, so maybe on another day with less rain I will venture out. For today, I am housebound.

I didn’t blog yesterday because other than cooking and cleaning in the kitchen I really did little else. What a fabulously relaxing and rejuvenating Sunday! I got up around 8 am, had some fair trade organic Ethiopian dark roast coffee while I tidied up the kitchen from the night before in preparation for a day of cooking, eating, and more cooking.

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Super Saturday!

Excited and nervous to try this baby out!
Excited and nervous to try this baby out!

I didn’t blog yesterday because I slept in my bed and I slept late again (why does this have to become a trend?!) I had a lot of things on my to do list, making it a bit overwhelming. And I went shopping with my sister in the late afternoon/ early evening. I needed groceries in the worst way and I knew my sister wouldn’t be buying much this week and likely wanted to get home asap so she wouldn’t be lollygagging around the store, so I took about an hour in the early afternoon to go through the sales for the stores I knew we were going to and make a list of all the good deals.

Then I combined that list with the running list I had been keeping of things I needed to get, and then I ordered it in the same order that I would be walking through the store. Produce, bulk nuts, bread, then my natural vegan foods, etc. I had a pretty big list and I was trying to make it as efficient as possible so I could zip quickly through the store and not keep my sister waiting for me.

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WTF?! Up Another Almost Pound

bodyiageWell I’m definitely bloating up over something because that little Wii Fit board dude says I am up another 0.9 pound again today.

It sounds like he’s saying Ow! when he weighs me, like the continuous gain is physically hurting him. Perhaps it is … maybe I am getting too damn obese to stand on the thing.

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If We Make it Through December

I know there’s just a few days of 2014 left but I really want to see the back of it and turn the page. I’ve had this song stuck in my head all day.

Oh if we can just make it … I am starting to make plans for 2015 already. Continue reading “If We Make it Through December”