Tiny Dancers

girlsdanceYesterday was a very exciting day for my family. It was my youngest two nieces’ spring dance recital and I went to watch along with my sisters, mother, brother-in-law, and two oldest nieces.

I always find these performances emotional. I beam with pride and the tears flow as I watch our girls twirl and kick and point their toes with the best of them, like they’ve been doing it since they were four years old.

The truth is they haven’t been taking classes very long, two years at most I think, but they had been training themselves at home for a few years before that. And by training I mean these girls watched videos online and stretched relentlessly until they could contort their bodies into various positions. They taught themselves to do the splits, arabesque, plie, and much more. They competed against each other to be the first to reach a certain flexibility. When they started I thought it was likely a fad, that they’d be all in for a few months but then move on to something else. Not many kids have the focus and determination to work so hard on their own.  Continue reading “Tiny Dancers”

Celebrity Guest Appearance of the Day

psfaslaskeyI woke just after 5 this morning but I didn’t feel like getting up. I am congested again, hacking cough. I think I need more drugs. I’ve also been dealing with a lot of swelling in my legs and ankles these past couple of days. Yesterday I used my egg timer to remind me to take regular breaks from my desk. I think I will buy some compression socks to improve my circulation.

So anyway, I woke early but refused to get up so I went back to bed and wrote, starred, directed, and watched one of my weird lucid dreams. It was a church dream … maybe because I watched a funeral on Once Upon a Time last night, maybe because I was in a church a few weekends ago being in a wedding, I dunno, but the reverend was very much in my subconscious and making his opinions known … with one minor detail omitted … the role of my minister was played by none other than the late great Philip Seymour Hoffman! Continue reading “Celebrity Guest Appearance of the Day”

Dawn Comes Early

dawn05102016aI am literally up at the crack of dawn this morning, despite not getting to bed until nearly 1 am. I must truly be feeling better. This morning my mom and four of my aunts, her sisters, are heading west to visit my other aunt, their other sister, in Calgary for a week. I am excited for her, excited that she is venturing out to places she has always wanted to go. I hope they have an amazing trip. I’m sure they will have a lot of laughs. Oh to be a fly on that carry-on bag!  Continue reading “Dawn Comes Early”

Blown Away

antiquetypewriterOn the weekend my eldest nieces sent me their writing samples for the upcoming Blue Pencil Cafe at the Writers’ Federation of New Brunswick’s WordSpring festival. One did poetry and the other a short story. I was blown away by both of them. Continue reading “Blown Away”

Bless Me Readers …

candswed… for I have sinned. It has been three long days since I have blogged …

I went up home Thursday evening to spend the weekend and be the Maid of Honour in a friend’s wedding. It was a small church ceremony  with a little gathering at their home after. They have been together for 25 years and have a grown daughter and teenage boys. They were engaged for four years. So this wedding was a long time in the making and not filled with any question or bets on how long they’d be together. They’ve already lasted a lifetime and they still wanted to marry each other. Lots of ups and downs along the way, but they stuck together and got through. I think that’s the testament to making a relationship last, being able to grow together through thick and thin.  Continue reading “Bless Me Readers …”

Hi Ho! Hi Ho! It’s Off to Work …

workWell we got the call. That call we need but dread all at the same time. My boyfriend is going back out west next week to go to work again. I wish he didn’t have to do this, I wish he could find something around here. But there’s really not much around here for someone with his skill set. And jobs around here don’t pay as much as the ones out there do. Continue reading “Hi Ho! Hi Ho! It’s Off to Work …”

Torch Passing

wfnb_logoYesterday I registered myself and my two 16-year-old nieces for the WFNB’s WordSpring event coming to the Miramichi next month. I am really excited to take them to this and to have them exposed to the NB writing community at such a young age.

I was in my 30’s before I found the WFNB and it completely changed my life in so many ways. Being a member and attending events, taking workshops, etc. gave me the confidence to write more and to think of myself as a writer, to give public readings and share my writing with others. Had I discovered some sort of writing community when I was a teenager, who knows where I might be now in my writing career. Continue reading “Torch Passing”