Green Festival This Weekend

This Labour Day weekend do something green! ECMA award winning country band, The Divorcees take the stage with 30 other groups covering music genres ranging from folk and blues to rock and jazz at the first annual Green Festival being held near Clairville, NB, from 10am Saturday August 30th until 6pm Monday, September 1st. Enjoy... Continue Reading →

The More You See, The Less You Know

Oh you look so beautiful tonight, in the city of blinding lights ...Well here I am on a sunny Monday morning. I wish I could say I was early to bed, early to rise, but no such luck. No rest for the wicked. I guess I slept too much on the weekend. I did spend... Continue Reading →

Give A Little Bit

And my crazy weekend ends. Just in the nick. Capt'n, she canna take much more! Hold her together, Scotty! The weekend was fabulous. From beginning to end. Just totally fabulous. Thursday night was amazing. It could not have gone any better. I could not get over how many people came out to support it. Wow!... Continue Reading →

Blank Page

finish online bnm, publish online bnm website, design email for bnm online subscriber list, send out email to online bnm subscriber list, send out mighty successful pr, remind gov mansion guy about article for june print bnm, contact bnm ed board regarding thoughts on notes from last meeting to begin the discussion, email T about... Continue Reading →

Rock the Casbah

I can hear what sounds like "Great Balls of Fire" wafting up from Ritchie Wharf, mingling with all the birds singing and boat traffic passing. The official opening doesn't happen until tomorrow night, but the Rock 'n Roll Festival is definitely underway!I'm not heading down there this evening. I'm tired and I've got things to... Continue Reading →

Oh Happy Day!

Yesterday's 92% humidity was a friggin' killer. Creeps right into your joints and sets up shop, it does. So, I didn't seem to get much done yesterday on many fronts, because my knees and wrists were whacked. I went to bed pretty early, and stayed there quite late today. Everything seems to be in working... Continue Reading →

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