Chick Sparking

Next week my sister and I have a plan to get back on track. We're going to start walking after work and return to SparkPeople to start tracking our eating and exercise. Just in time for this lifestyle challenge, I received my first package from the Product Review Club at ChickAdvisor. And look what it... Continue Reading →

Alive With Pleasure

I started smoking when I was 13 years old. This was in the early 1980's before smoking and smokers became taboo. My dad smoked. A lot of people did. It started as a way to look older, be more cool, and just rebel against my parents and other adult authority figures by doing something they... Continue Reading →

Steps to Becoming Debt-free

I wote this article awhile ago now, but just getting around to posting links now. Click here to read some helpful information about how to get out of debt. Unfortunately there are no magical get out of debt pills that you can swallow or quick fixes that will offer overnight relief. If you're carrying a... Continue Reading →


The excess spending of this spring and summer on events and trips and things, coupled with a nagging financial imbalance left-over from last winter's inflated hydro billing, finally all caught up to me knocking the wind out of my happy-go-lucky sails. I cannot afford to do anything! I mean ANYTHING! After a very lean late... Continue Reading →

And So It Is

Just like you said it should be ... I can't take my eyes off you ... Despite the tunes, I'm having a pretty fantastic day so far. It is a grey rainy morning, perfect for Damien Rice and moody reflection, but I'm not getting sucked in! I will not submit! I will not submit!I rolled... Continue Reading →


Can I touch you to see if you're real? Gawd! I loved that song back in the day. I guess I still do. I remember listening to it on a cassette tape, one of those year-end compilation albums of Top 40 hits. I loved those albums. So, I am beyond busy right there now as... Continue Reading →

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