Fed Up with this Sugar Coated Life

fedupsugarcoatedWell July whizzed past in a humid haze of gluttony and sloth. I went on a little trip. I got my financial situation that has haunted me for over a dozen years back under my own control. I cut off all my hair (not myself this time, I went to the salon). I have been eating out too much, drinking too much, sleeping too little, working too much, cleaning too little, and generally just going with the flow. It has been hot. But worse, it has been humid. Weeks and weeks of sweat drenching mind numbing days with very few reprieves. But yesterday was lovely. I have some hope for today. And today is the first day of my Juicing Reboot! Finally! Continue reading “Fed Up with this Sugar Coated Life”

Tiny Dancers

girlsdanceYesterday was a very exciting day for my family. It was my youngest two nieces’ spring dance recital and I went to watch along with my sisters, mother, brother-in-law, and two oldest nieces.

I always find these performances emotional. I beam with pride and the tears flow as I watch our girls twirl and kick and point their toes with the best of them, like they’ve been doing it since they were four years old.

The truth is they haven’t been taking classes very long, two years at most I think, but they had been training themselves at home for a few years before that. And by training I mean these girls watched videos online and stretched relentlessly until they could contort their bodies into various positions. They taught themselves to do the splits, arabesque, plie, and much more. They competed against each other to be the first to reach a certain flexibility. When they started I thought it was likely a fad, that they’d be all in for a few months but then move on to something else. Not many kids have the focus and determination to work so hard on their own.  Continue reading “Tiny Dancers”

To Meat or Not to Meat

plantbaseddietThe other day I had a sulky day of depression where I literally just stayed on the couch all day eating cupcakes, french fries, wieners, canned peas & carrots, and microwaved popcorn smothered in Ketchup flavoured seasoning; drinking a ton of coffee, a couple of glasses of wine and one cup of hot chocolate with an ounce of brandy added for zip; and watching documentaries on Netflix.

I had once again let my boyfriend’s flighty attitude toward life get under my skin. After this many years together you might think I would be acclimated to it by now, I would expect it and never be surprised by anything, but you would be wrong. My recovery might be quicker when I’m blindsided, but I still get blindsided.

Anyway, I don’t want to write about why I had taken to the couch for the day because the more important thing is that while I was sulking and stuffing my face with crap, I wasn’t watching mindless sitcoms or cartoons, I was watching documentary films about things that matter, things that get me thinking, things that give me insight and energy and ideas. I watched 10 Questions for the Dalai Lama, GMO OMG, Happy, and finally Forks Over Knives Presents: The Engine 2 Kitchen Rescue. Continue reading “To Meat or Not to Meat”

Miramichi, Atlantic Canada’s Great Outdoors

The Mighty Miramichi, the view from here yesterday.

A lot of people don’t know this, but back in the day I did a gig with what was the early incarnation of the Miramichi River Tourism Association (MRTA). It was an administrative type position, acting as the Liaison for the Village of Blackville.

It was kind of a new thing for me. I had done a lot of admin jobs of course, and I had unconsciously worked in the tourism industry for a few years as both an owner/ operator of a club and then as a waitress at a local restaurant, but I had no formal education in tourism administration, event planning, or even marketing. I didn’t know the industry buzz words or the partnering organizations and government departments responsible for overseeing and help fund it. At the time it was kind of exciting to bring my skill set of writing, editing, and creative out of the box type thinking into what felt to me like a kind of strict institutionalized industry.  Continue reading “Miramichi, Atlantic Canada’s Great Outdoors”

Walking Through Ashes in Eden

Sackville Waterfowl Park circa 2014

I went to Sackville on Saturday to hear a talk given by a friend who attended a week long workshop in Colorado last year by the author of Women Who Run With the Wolves.

I have been out of the creative scene for years now, and honestly I wasn’t feeling any urge or pressure to reconnect with it. I went to this presentation because a) my friend invited me and I wanted to be there to support her and b) it was happening in Sackville, where I lived for two years, really miss and will seize any opportunity to visit.

As far as the talk itself, I didn’t really have any expectations. My friend and I had spoken at length last fall about her experience in Colorado, so I felt like I had a good understanding of it and I wouldn’t be likely to have any AHA moments. I wasn’t really thinking that I would be impacted in any way personally, other than it would be great to see old friends and hang out for a bit.  Continue reading “Walking Through Ashes in Eden”

#4: Wealth is Pouring into My Life

Not a great day. High calorie, no nutrients. I tried to go with the flow, but obviously I need to take charge & make a plan in these situations.
Not a great Saturday. High calorie, no nutrients. I tried to go with the flow, but obviously I need to take charge & make a plan in these situations.

I weighed in this morning and I am down 2 pounds! This puts me right on target for my goals. I am pretty happy with that, really didn’t know how it was going to shake down the first week given that I was challenged to find a good nutrition balance, not eating enough some days, totally gorging on empty calories others, and not incorporating any kind of fitness into the mix. So yeah, go Me! I am pleased!

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#2: I Am Getting Wealthier Each Day

SparkPeople Food Tracker for Tuesday April 28, 2015. Still not eating enough, but getting better. Breakfast was the same as Monday.
SparkPeople Food Tracker for Tuesday April 28, 2015. Still not eating enough, but getting better. Breakfast was the same as Monday.

Yesterday was pretty awesome day because I got to go see the amazing Mo Kenney with Joel Plaskett and The Emergency in concert. And I got to take my niece to her first ever concert! It was an awesome-tastic experience! My boyfriend wasn’t too keen based on the tunes I had played for him but even though I had never seen these performers live before I knew they were going to be good and wow! They did not disappoint!

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