7 am: Books Challenge

There was a challenge going around Facebook the other week. I wanted to do it but of course nobody tagged and asked me to do it, so I thought that might seem weird to just do it all on my own. The challenge was to list 10 books that inspired your life, or something like... Continue Reading →

because I don’t wanna work this evening

Are you happy with life? for the most part ... i've been happier, but it's still a work in progress Could you cry right now? sure, i can cry anytime What do you need to be doing right now? i don't suppose i need to be doing anything in particular, there's stuff i think i... Continue Reading →

Death of a Disco Dancer

I'm all over the place today. Stressed (about money, what else is there?) Restless (moon stuff, dreams, writing, non-drowsy meds). Excited (niece is out of hospital! wrote 10,500 words this weekend on creative personal project!) Listening to old punk and trying to settle in to accomplish something this evening. Here's a meme. Courtesy of Wandering... Continue Reading →

100 Desserts

From WC over at ReTorte.1. Bold what you've tried.2. * What you've made.3. Cross out what you wouldn't like.4. Italicize something you've tried but didn't like.I don't bake a lot and I'm not a real fussy eater, so I haven't met many desserts I haven't like. Some of the ones I crossed off, like coconut... Continue Reading →

Meme Again

I got this from Wandering Coyote.I am: fabulous!I think: life is awesomeI know: a positive attitude is essentialI have: wonderful friends and familyI wish: I didn't need sleepI hate: procrastinatingI miss: my dogI fear: losing the people i loveI hear: birds chirping, old guy grumbling downstairsI smell: coffee brewingI crave: intimacyI search: for a better... Continue Reading →

Meme Time

stolen from gail on facebook, because i need mindless distraction . . . it's all i'm fit for1. a cuddler?: yes2. a morning person?: yes3. Are you a perfectionist: about some things4. awesome? i am!5. addicted to anything? wine, coffee, jerk seasoning, hot sauce, movies, music, writing, books, boys . . . and more6. in... Continue Reading →

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