2018 NB Spring Festival Scene! Where Should I Go?

This year I want to go to festivals! Last year I finally got to attend the Larlee Creek Hullabaloo in Perth Andover and if you know me at all or if you have been following me online since last summer you will know that it was just an epic experience! So much so that this... Continue Reading →

My Summer Vacation 2017

It seems unreal to me that today is Labour Day and tomorrow is the first day of school for most of my nieces and nephew. My eldest niece moved to her university dorm last week and has been enjoying lots of fun activities during orientation. What happened to the summer?! In so many ways I... Continue Reading →

Oh Goodie! A Night on the Town

Last night we went to the Goodie Shop to see a local band named Lionsault and a band from Moncton called FM Berlin. I had been wanting to see Lionsault for a long time since watching their music videos online, and I knew I would enjoy FM Berlin because I looked up their music as... Continue Reading →

#2: I Am Getting Wealthier Each Day

Yesterday was pretty awesome day because I got to go see the amazing Mo Kenney with Joel Plaskett and The Emergency in concert. And I got to take my niece to her first ever concert! It was an awesome-tastic experience! My boyfriend wasn't too keen based on the tunes I had played for him but... Continue Reading →

Mad About You

... a couple of fools running wild and freeeeee! I'm freaking addicted to the Magic Sunny Lite Mix on AccuRadio. I put it on the 70s/80s sub-channel and I'm transported back to laying in the dark across the bench seat in my dad's old LTD, frigging with the dial to get channels from New York... Continue Reading →


I realize I haven't been blogging much. These are busy times. Our regular blogging schedule may not commence until fall. In the meantime, I try to twitter some. It's the best I can do.Mood: chillin' with johnDrinking: waterListening To: msn piping inHair: headbanded

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