Lucky Star

Full moon again tomorrow night and let me tell you I knows it! Oh the dreams, the dreams, the dreams! I just want to go to bed and stay there until it's over. My dreams are much more interesting than my real life. I've been in Toronto all week in my sleep. Revisiting some memories.... Continue Reading →

I’m Gonna Win!

Theatre New Brunswick Rocky Horror Show ContestAs you aware, Theatre New Brunswick is proud to present The Rocky Horror Show September 25-28, with a Special Midnight Performance Friday, September 26. Rehearsals starring Tony LePage, Tania Breen, Shawn Henry, and some of Canada‚Äôs hottest talents including Canadian Idol finalist Aaron Walpole are well underway. I hope... Continue Reading →

I Will Survive

Cake's cover rocks! Loving it big style!Woke up pretty early this morning, which was good. Though I haven't seemed to accomplish much with my day yet it seems. Last night I went to Words on Water at the gallery in Chatham to listen to the Breach House Gang. Fabulous time! Particularly interesting was a reading... Continue Reading →

Here Comes Your Man

Listening to The Pixies. What a gorgeous morning! I need to find my way back to early mornings somehow this week. To do that I need to get to sleep before or shortly after midnight, and stop this 4 and 5am crap. I mean I'm in the bed, don't get me wrong, any time after... Continue Reading →

Sympathy for the Devil

Pleased to meet you, hope you guess my name ... Happy Monday! Another crazy week beginning. I am so tired. Fingers crossed I get some sleep sometime this week, cuz next week I'm outta here for a bit! Off to the big city and that's not going to be a restful excursion, lol. My flights... Continue Reading →

The World I Know

Have I mentioned I'm dreaming in play? Yeah, for about a week now. In the dreams I know not just my lines, but everyone else's too! It's fabulous! Yesterday I actually took some time and sat down with the script. I have not had much time with the script to be honest, yesterday was the... Continue Reading →

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