Outside the Window…

The sun is already high in the sky, dancing on the water. I've got the windows open. Birds singing. Motor boats purring. Early birds looking for worms. Early fishermen looking for bass. Tom Waits playing in my playlist. Last night was the first night of the year that I've slept with the windows open. Spring... Continue Reading →


Yes, I may have lingered in bed until 10:30 this morning but then I got up and threw in a load of laundry. Today I feel better. Today I will do all the things I wanted to do all week but was too weak and sick to accomplish. Today I will go outside and go... Continue Reading →

Croupy Cough

Google says: Croup is a viral infection of the voice box (larynx) and windpipe (trachea) associated with signs of a respiratory infection, such as a runny nose or cough. Usually the first indication of croup is a cough that sounds like the bark of a dog or seal. I have been barking like a dog... Continue Reading →

These are a Few of my Favourite Things

A few months back I discovered Filmon, a website and app in the Windows store where you can watch free, legal, live TV from the UK. You can even record up to 10 hours of free programming. You can buy extra DVR hours and purchase HD subscriptions, but there's a lot of free stuff. Over... Continue Reading →

WTF?! Up Another Almost Pound

Well I'm definitely bloating up over something because that little Wii Fit board dude says I am up another 0.9 pound again today. It sounds like he's saying Ow! when he weighs me, like the continuous gain is physically hurting him. Perhaps it is ... maybe I am getting too damn obese to stand on... Continue Reading →

Fly Day

Tomorrow is Fly Day for my other half. Another excursion west, another six weeks or so of work. This morning we are taking the bus to Fredericton, staying at the Ramada overnight to be rested for his early morning flight (Air Canada to Montreal, Montreal to Edmonton, Business Class because that was all we could... Continue Reading →

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