Moon Dreams & Morning Fog

No 7 am photo today. Why? Because I slept in until nearly 8! Once upon a time getting up around 8 am would have been early, now it's sleeping in. Funny how that happened. I blame this week's impending full moon (tomorrow night I believe) for my tardiness to the party this morning. I was... Continue Reading →

7 am: Sickness

I didn't blog yesterday or take a 7 am photo. I was awake, but we had carried the mattress out to the living room and slept on the floor so that we could listen to CDs on the DVD player with the tv. So when I woke at 5 am I stayed in bed not... Continue Reading →

The 7 am Project

I have moved. I'm in the very same building that I lived in back in 2009 before life took a sudden sharp turn. It's a different apartment, laid out the exact opposite of the last one. So it's like being in a new place and coming home all at the same time. I became a... Continue Reading →

Random Sticky Business

I am off to the second meeting of the BnM Editorial Board this morning. I hope all goes well. Absolutely amazing colours happening in the sky this morning as day dawns.Yesterday, not only were the sidewalks non-existent in the city forcing me to walk on the road in traffic, but I also had a creepy... Continue Reading →

In Which She Learns Four Quarters Equal One Loonie

Slept in this morning. Until almost 8:30!! Well okay, I wasn't really asleep all that time. I was wide awake at the increasingly predictable 4:30. Again around 6. And pretty much a constant from about 7:15 on, but I didn't get up. I was sleeping in the living room, on the futon, to get off... Continue Reading →

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