Miramichi, Atlantic Canada’s Great Outdoors

A lot of people don't know this, but back in the day I did a gig with what was the early incarnation of the Miramichi River Tourism Association (MRTA).┬áIt was an administrative type position, acting as the Liaison for the Village of Blackville. It was kind of a new thing for me. I had done... Continue Reading →

Moon Dreams & Morning Fog

No 7 am photo today. Why? Because I slept in until nearly 8! Once upon a time getting up around 8 am would have been early, now it's sleeping in. Funny how that happened. I blame this week's impending full moon (tomorrow night I believe) for my tardiness to the party this morning. I was... Continue Reading →


If I could turn and meet myself as I was then,gaze into that solemn face, those unblinking eyes,I suppose I'd laugh until I cried, then laugh again.-- from The Kookaburra's SongLet the laughter begin! I actually got an email from Coach Steele this morning asking me to let him know how I was doing. He... Continue Reading →

The River is Wild

My mighty river is freezing in. Yesterday I thought I saw ice near the shore in Chatham Head, but I couldn't be certain. Today there is no doubt. Ice floes throughout. Have the ducks all gone where they're going yet? This week every morning there have been hundreds boogeying up past my place. But now... Continue Reading →

Sex and Anarchy

Nothing says good morning like Sid Vicious. I have been busy. Blog neglectful. I am working so hard. It's overwhelming. But not paralytic. I keep on keeping on. I can't wait for the moment when I can catch my breath. Soon. Fingers crossed. Busy week coming up, lots of events, appointments, meetings, gatherings, and the... Continue Reading →


I'm not crazy, I'm just a little unwellI know, right now you can't tellBut stay awhile and maybe then you'll seeA different side of meI'm not crazy, I'm just a little impairedI know, right now you don't careBut soon enough you're gonna think of meAnd how I used to be Low tide, water smooth like... Continue Reading →

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