Second Hand News

Two weekends ago we went to Deb & Dana's place to take a look at their 2002 Montana Fifth Wheel that they have for sale. It hadn't been cleaned up since the last time they used it a couple of years ago, so excuse any dirt or mess. Deb is a clean freak though, so... Continue Reading →

Week 2 in VA Begins

It was a very quiet week around here. It's relatively quiet when all the seasonal campers are here on weekends, but during the week ... Wow! The silence can be deafening. I'm so not used to this having lived about 8 months right alongside I-20. There aren't even any cicadas here singing in the trees... Continue Reading →

Early Days in Virginia

Despite having stayed up long past our usual bedtime on Friday night, Jay was up bright and early Saturday morning. At 7am he insisted I get up as we had a lot of stuff to do. Wearily I got up and made a cup of tea. It wasn't too long until John showed up. The... Continue Reading →

Virginia Bound (Part IV)

(...continued from Part III) Jay and I sidle up to the counter, tell the old lady who we are and that we have one camping spot and one cabin reserved. I explain that I spoke to someone earlier in the week on the phone, that we'll be here for about six months while they're running... Continue Reading →

Virginia Bound (Part III)

(...continued from Part II...) Jay basically knew how to get to Virginia from Georgia and other than a minor episode first thing where we missed our junction and ended up driving 35mph through towns for an hour, he did okay. He's driven that route a lot in the past, going to races and going home... Continue Reading →

Virginia Bound (Part II)

(...continued from Part I...) We really should have cleaned our windshield before we left on this trip; it was filthy 🙂 North Carolina is Nascar country. Jay told me we'd pass right by the speedway in Charlotte, which was kind of true ... but not really. I took a pic for Sher anyway ... it's... Continue Reading →

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