And the Envelope Please . . .

It is time for my announcement! Though maybe you won't think it's as big as I made it out to be the other day, I am still very excited about it! I alluded to all of the recent changes in my life in that post which have allowed me to get back to my creativity... Continue Reading →

Why I Write

Sometimes when you're in a creative rut it's good to think about why you create in the first place and remind yourself why it means so much to you. The reality is that if you are a writer or an artist you probably aren't driven to create because of the pay cheque. There likely isn't... Continue Reading →

Change is in the Air

I'm bringing my site back to what it was originally intended, a place where I can share my creativity, try new forms of writing, challenge myself to create new works of fiction, and really just focus on life as a creative human being ... my life as a writer.

Me! Me! Me! ME!

When I switched my blog over from Blogger to my own domain name my intention was to do a bit more self-promoting. Well, actually if I do ANY self-promoting, that will be more than what I've done in the past. Most people don't realize that I'm not just all about the Bread 'n Molasses... Continue Reading →

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