Radio Nowhere

Yeah, I thought the time changed last night. I had it marked on my calendar even. I didn’t change the clock though, it usually takes me a few days to get around to doing that, but I woke this morning at 7:30 thinking smugly to myself, “Hey it’s really only 6:30! Aren’t I swift this morning?” And I rolled over and laid there planning breakfast, my day, etc. thinking I had time to kill before Corrie came on. Nevertheless I flicked on the tv about 15 minutes later only to find to my surprise Corrie was already in progress! WTF?! Did CBC not turn their clocks back? So I watched Corrie and had breakfast and stumbled around in a stupor unsure what time it was exactly until after 10 when I turned on the computer and asked Google. It’s still Daylight Savings Time until next weekend apparently. Okay. So now I feel kinda rushed like I lost another hour 😦 It’s okay. I guess I’ll get it back next Sunday.

Today, I have a date. Yes, a real date. The mysterious love life comes to the surface. On the one hand, I’m semi-nervous in that first date kinda way. On the other hand, I’m thinking it’s really no big deal. I’m just going for coffee with a nice intelligent man who just happens to think I’m beautiful. No big deal.

I will not be wearing my latest hat to this venture. Maybe if it clouds over . . . but never in bright sunshine again, lol, because I think the silver threads catch the sunlight and turn ole Kellie into quite the spectacle. On Friday I went to the rink to interview the coach of the junior hockey team. I walked. In the sunshine. Wearing my hat. Oh boy! Who knew the hat was such a force to be reckoned with?! Nearly everyday I walk and nobody notices me in my ponytail as I zip up the highway and through downtown. Occasionally, an elderly couple will smile and say hello as I pass them, but other than that, I might as well not exist. But I put on the hat and suddenly every passing truck honks, cars slow and the men behind the wheels give me broad grins and big waves, did I even see a wink at the lights?! Every guy I meet on the street smiles and says, “Great day!” Was that whistle for me? I’ve got men rushing up the steps to beat me to the door so they can hold it open for me. I walked into the Farmer’s Market and all the guys sitting having their coffee nudged one another and pointed. I made my rounds and as I passed the tables on my way out I heard them buzzing, “There she goes again, boys! Who’s that girl? Who is that?” My God! It’s a hat people! Get a grip!

So yeah, a little attention is not a bad thing. But that was too much. Like WAY too much. The hat is a menace to society. Who knew? I think I’ll have to retire it, tuck it away, a secret weapon to seal the deal. Had I known of its super power though, I might have worn it to the college on Thursday evening . . .

Mood: a little nervous
Drinking: coffee
Listening To: queen of apology, the sounds
Hair: up and back in black

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