Day 4

Today is my first day back to work after the holidays. I really needed this Christmas break. Work had been overwhelming for several months and I wouldn't have been able to go on much longer without some kind of reprieve. I had been having stress headaches for about a month before the holiday. I know... Continue Reading →

Lifestyle Journey – Getting Back on Track

Halloween happened on a Saturday this year. It was a full moon night, the second full moon in the month of October, otherwise known as a blue moon. On Friday I was expecting some good news and I was planning a little celebratory outing on Saturday, maybe to a new restaurant in town, maybe involving... Continue Reading →

Ashes, Paper, & Joe

One day last week when I was cleaning I decided the end table by my couch needed a good dusting. The end table is really an old TV stand with two shelves and this is where I keep all my old DVDs and CDs that never get played anymore now that you can stream whenever... Continue Reading →

Weekly Round-Up

What a week! Heat, humidity, forest fires, and a new outbreak of COVID-19 that will likely change everything, effect everyone in the coming weeks. It was exciting to see the bomber planes filling up on the river in front of my parents place. (*Photo by my BFF, Stacy.) But it was frightening to know the... Continue Reading →


I missed a couple of days here, but I am back! I took a sick day on Wednesday because I had a massive headache and just couldn't get out of bed. I thought maybe it was the crazy weather we're having, so very hot and humid, forest fires burning out of control effecting the air... Continue Reading →

Golden Eagles

There's a family of at least three eagles living close by. I'm fortunate to live on the third floor and have a large window. Sometimes when I'm sitting on my couch watching TV, I will turn my head and look just as one of the big birds glides past right at eye level. Oh how... Continue Reading →

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